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Did You Turn In A Lost Diamond Ring At Newark Airport? There’s A Free Flight Waiting For You

Most of the time, when you find something that’s not yours and you turn it in, it’s not like you’re expecting a huge thank you, a burst of applause or a ticker tape parade. You do the right thing because it’s the right thing — but if you did happen to turn in a lost diamond ring at Newark Airport? You’ve got a free flight. [More]

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Did You Buy A $23K Wedding Ring For $10 At A Garage Sale? Because This Guy Needs It Back

A word to the wise: Even if you think that box is empty, open it. Just in case there’s a $23,000 diamond wedding ring nestled inside. One California husband thought he was just donating an empty watch box to a community garage sale, but instead he ended up handing over the pricy item to a stranger for the low low price of only $10. Talk about ammo for future fights — this guy needs that ring or he’s going to lose every single argument, forever. [More]