DoorDash, Postmates Deploying Robot Delivery Guys On Both Coasts

DoorDash, Postmates Deploying Robot Delivery Guys On Both Coasts

If you live in Redwood City, CA, or Washington, D.C., a robot might be dropping off dinner someday soon: DoorDash and Postmates are both starting to deploy robotic delivery vehicles in those cities, respectively. [More]

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Armed Robberies Of Delivery Drivers A Growing Problem In Chicago

Delivery drivers have trucks full of valuable, brand-new merchandise, and don’t have a lot of visible security protection. That may be the reason why delivery drivers for the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and Amazon have recently been the targets of burglars, armed robbers, and even carjackers on Chicago’s South Side. [More]


Store Says FedEx Allowed Homeless Man To Sign For Delivery He Then Stole

It’s always upsetting when someone steals your packages after they’ve been delivered, but it’s even more of a bummer when the company doing the deliveries apparently puts that package into the hands of the thief. A California shop is pretty steamed at FedEx, claiming the carrier allowed a homeless man to sign for its packages, which have now gone missing. [More]

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Amazon Flex Drivers Are Kind Of Freaking Customers Out

Amazon Flex is the e-commerce behemoth’s new service meant to help meet its delivery demand without depending on the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. Flex drivers originally only made deliveries for same-day local orders through the Prime Now app, but recently the company let drivers deliver regular Amazon packages too. As Flex expands to more cities, it’s kind of freaking customers out. [More]


Video Shows Amazon Delivery Guy’s Friend Stealing Package Right After It’s Delivered

We’ve seen strangers and passers-by swipe packages right off the front porch of someone’s house, but it’s not as often that we find delivery workers teaming up with their friends to steal the goods they just dropped off. [More]

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UPS Testing Saturday Ground Package Delivery

With FedEx and the Postal Service expanding their weekend delivery options as more Americans go online to buy stuff, UPS is finally getting around to a test of offering Saturday delivery for ground shipments.

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As More Shoppers Go Online, Retailers Cut Back On In-Store Inventory

When you envision a Home Depot store, you probably picture rows of huge shelves packed to the rafters with boxes and pallets of products waiting to be unpacked. But with more shoppers buying things online, these shelves could start looking a lot different as the Depot and others rethink how much stuff they need to keep on hand.

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Instacart Fires Minneapolis Drivers After Announcing Pay Cuts

Almost two weeks after cutting driver pay, grocery delivery startup Instacart appears to continue revamping its service in the aim of increasing profitability. To that end the company has fired all of its drivers in the Minneapolis area just six months after opening for business in the city.   [More]


UPS: Don’t Panic If Your Package Is Delivered By A Driver Behind The Wheel Of A U-Haul

Though we’re all used to seeing UPS delivery drivers cruising around the neighborhood in their signature brown vehicles, if your package comes off the back of a U-Haul truck, it’s not a cause for panic.


Uber Lauches UberRUSH Courier Service In Chicago, San Francisco

Uber Lauches UberRUSH Courier Service In Chicago, San Francisco

After spending nearly a year-and-a-half testing a courier service that provides customers with on-demand orders from local businesses in New York, Uber has officially expanded UberRUSH to two additional cities.  [More]

Amazon Prime Packages Reportedly Overwhelming College Campuses

Amazon Prime Packages Reportedly Overwhelming College Campuses

If you think Amazon Prime is a reasonable deal at $99/year, imagine being a college student who only has to pay half that amount. Apparently, so many college students are using the service that school mailrooms are being overwhelmed with smiling cardboard boxes. [More]

Amazon Flex Launches In Seattle, Allows Regular Joes To Earn Money Delivering Prime Now Packages

Amazon Flex Launches In Seattle, Allows Regular Joes To Earn Money Delivering Prime Now Packages

Amazon’s latest attempt to quickly and cheaply deliver packages got underway in Seattle on Tuesday with the launch of the company’s consumer-turned-courier program, Amazon Flex.  [More]

Safeway To Refund Customers $30.9M For Online Ordering Overcharges

Safeway To Refund Customers $30.9M For Online Ordering Overcharges

Nearly nine months ago, a federal court in California ruled that Safeway must refund customers the amount of money they were overcharged when the company broke its own terms and conditions by marking up prices of items ordered online. We finally know how much the supermarket chain will hand over: about $30.9 million. [More]

Amazon Now Delivering Farmers Market Produce To Your Door

Amazon Now Delivering Farmers Market Produce To Your Door

Between Prime Pantry, Amazon Fresh and Seattle’s new Prime Now alcohol delivery, you never have to leave your house to restock the pantry. That is unless you want fresh produce grown by local farmers. Well, it appears that Amazon has that covered for you now, too. [More]

Are Your Packages Really More Secure With UPS’ New Access Point Service?

Are Your Packages Really More Secure With UPS’ New Access Point Service?

Last October, United Parcel Service announced it would attempt to cut down on delivery stops and protect consumers’ packages from sticky fingers with its Access Point service that drops off packages at local businesses where you can pick them up at your convenience. While the idea seems great in theory – who doesn’t want to protect their unattended packages? – in practice, it appears there are still a few kinks to work out: Mainly that people aren’t aware of the service, and the packages may not be as secure as we’d hoped. [More]

One of Amazon's patent applications.

Amazon Imagines A Future Where Delivery Trucks Print 3D Products At The Curb

There can be a lot of worry over getting a package from Amazon delivered successfully — but what if your item never had to travel farther than the distance between the curb and your door? Amazon has filed a few patent applications in an effort to perhaps make curbside 3D printing a reality for the future.



Waffle House Teams Up With App That Recruits Travelers To Deliver Packages

The next time you go to Waffle House, you could pick up more than a stack of syrup-covered breakfast delight: The restaurant chain has teamed up with a startup company to work with college students and other road trippers willing to ferry packages around the country on their travels.


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Did Amazon’s Two-Day Shipping Suffer Over The Holidays? Survey Says Yes

One of the perks of paying $99/year to be an Amazon Prime member is the free two-day standard shipping on millions of items sold on the e-tailers’ site. But according to a new survey, being a Prime member didn’t always prove to be beneficial when it came to on-time deliveries last holiday season. [More]