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Call An RIAA Slug on Friday!

Call An RIAA Slug on Friday!

Our friends at Defective Design aren’t just cramming their pallid flesh into hazmat suits and getting into stand-offs with bemused Cambridge cops in their fight against DRM. Now they are organizing a massive telephone campaign, coordinating on their site an effort to have as many consumers as they can call up the RIAA and tell them that DRM just plain blows. Although hopefully a hell of a lot more eloquently than that.

Sweaty Anti-iTunes Hazmat Geek Speaks!

Sweaty Anti-iTunes Hazmat Geek Speaks!

e nerds who stormed the nation’s Apple Stores last Friday, wrote us in response to our recent post, calling our attention to a write-up he did of Defective Design’s protest at Boston’s Cambridge Side Galleria. The fuzz seemed pretty cool with the whole thing: