Death in the family

(David Transier)

American Airlines Refused To Refund Ticket After Fourth-Grader’s Death

Following the death of their young daughter, an Illinois family couldn’t bear the thought of following through with a long-planned spring break trip, so they asked American Airlines to refund the ticket purchased in their daughter’s name. While airlines have varying policies regarding refunds and deaths, the family says they were shocked when the airline refused the refund. [More]

Why Is Delta's "Bereavement Fare" $290 More Than A Regular One?

Why Is Delta's "Bereavement Fare" $290 More Than A Regular One?

Consumerist reader Brian recently had a death in his family and needed to fly from Rochester, NY, to Boston.When he attempted to book a flight with a bereavement discount with Delta, he was told that there was a direct, non-bereavement fare available for almost half the cost. Brian’s complaint is a common one among air travelers, and it springs from a general misconception of exactly what the airlines mean by “bereavement fare.” [More]