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If You Left Your Hand Grenade At The McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Vermont Police Would Like To Chat

Worrying about where you last left your possibly live hand grenade? Think back: Were you hungry? Did you drive up to, or walk by a McDonald’s drive-thru lane and happen to set it down whilst contemplating a choice of value meal? If so, Vermont police would like to speak with you, as cops had to evacuate a local shopping complex after a hand grenade was discovered just hanging out at McDonald’s. [WCAX News] [More]

EECB Succeeds Where Stupid Sony Techs Fail

EECB Succeeds Where Stupid Sony Techs Fail

Remember back when some individuals referred to good things as “da bomb?” They probably didn’t have the Executive Email Carpet Bomb in mind, since Consumerist didn’t yet exist, but they should have. Here’s to re-branding “da bomb” as shorthand for the EECB. Just look at what it did for c0crusader, a spurned Sony laptop customer who used da bomb to shake Sony down for $99.