Federal Court Resolves Crucial Question: Is The Snuggie A Blanket Or A Garment?

It’s a question that has torn this nation apart for far too long, dividing families, rending marriages in two, leaving scars that may never heal on the flesh and in the souls of good Americans: Is the Snuggie a blanket that just happens to have sleeves, or is it a garment, like an oversized bathrobe that you wear backwards? While it may not change your deeply felt personal opinion on this matter, a federal court has made its opinion known. [More]

(ABC News)

Guy Nabbed At LAX In Body Armor Thought He’d Get Past Officials With Bag Full Of Weapons

We’re not sure exactly how this guy was planning on getting past airport security, decked out as he was in body armor and flame retardant leggings and carrying a laundry list of air travel no-no’s in his checked luggage: a smoke grenade, three leather-coated black-jack billy clubs, a collapsible baton, a full-face respirator, several knives and a hatchet. You know, no big deal.


Man’s Airline Complaint Resolved (What a Juicy Headline)

Man’s Airline Complaint Resolved (What a Juicy Headline)

Unfortunately for us, Dave went through the airport yesterday. After a surly customs agent behaved in an uncouth, yet ironic (situationaly speaking) manner, he called customs to complain.