customer service Doesn't Honor 110% Price Guarantee Doesn't Honor 110% Price Guarantee

Shoebuy has a neat 110% discount policy, where they’ll refund you the difference+10% if you find a lower final price (after discounts, tax, shipping, etc.) at a competitor. The only problem is, they take an insurance-claim adjustor’s approach to honoring it—by which we mean, they invent loopholes to void the offer. In one reader’s case, they said that because he used a discount code, his discount wasn’t available to the general public. Therefore his final price didn’t count, case closed, next customer please. The details of their 110% guarantee make zero mention of discount codes or coupons, or of any requirement of public availability. Shoebuy needs to change their policy if they want to take this approach; in the meantime, they should honor their commitment to this customer.