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World Cup Fan Spends $7K To Get Curry Takeout From His Favorite UK Indian Restaurant, Bring It To Brazil

We want what we want, when we want it, right? So of course a guy with $7,000 to spare would call up his favorite Indian restaurant before he heads to the World Cup, and ask if he can pick up some curry takeout for 12 of his buddies and fly it to Brazil. Of course. [More]

McCurry Defeats McDonald's In Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

McCurry Defeats McDonald's In Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

In a victory for little guys worldwide, the Malaysian restaurant McCurry has won an epic trademark battle against McDonald’s. Yes, McDonald’s. McCurry has been open for ten years, and has spent eight of those fighting McDonald’s. They won on the grounds that nobody could possibly ever confuse the two restaurants.