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British Airways Apologizes For Bad Timing Of Underwater “Escape To Indian Ocean” Ad

While it’s not as bad as deliberately capitalizing on tragedy to market something, British Airways is feeling the heat for some very bad timing after a London man spotted an ad for the airline encouraging travelers to “escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean” over an underwater shot. [More]


Man Claims Southwest Humiliated Him By Pulling Him Off Flight Because He’s Overweight

When we hear the words “too fat to fly,” the airline that immediately pops up is Southwest. Of course there was the famous incident with Clerks director Kevin Smith back in 2010, as well as another woman who said the airline allegedly booted her from a flight for being overweight and sued Southwest to clarify its somewhat fickle “customers of size” policy. Now another man is claiming that he was pulled off a flight for being overweight, even though he says he used to be even heavier and never had a problem with the airline before. [More]