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Proposed Rules Would Take Away Banks’ “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card

Many bank accounts, and almost all credit cards, wireless services, private student loans, and payday loans contain clauses in their contracts that strip consumers of their right to sue these companies, and their right to join others in a class action, effectively allowing businesses to sidestep the legal system. While lawmakers in Congress debate the issue, and the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly given its approval to these practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is making good on its pledge to restore consumers’ constitutional right to having their day in court. [More]


Card Reissued Because Of A Breach? Good Luck Finding Out Where The Hack Happened

When a massive data breach happens at a retailer like Target or Home Depot, there’s little mystery as to why your bank is rushing you a new credit or debit card. But when your card is being replaced because of a lower-profile cybercrime, the odds are against you ever finding out why.  [More]


Does Paying With Cash Increase Your Emotional Investment In A Purchase?

Say you go to the store with a friend and you each buy the same lamp for $150. The only difference is you pay in cash and your pal pays with plastic. The dollar amounts are the same, the purchased product is identical, but a new study finds that your levels of emotional investment in that lamp are likely different. [More]

Visa Update Aims To Speed Up Slow Chip-Card Checkouts

Visa Update Aims To Speed Up Slow Chip-Card Checkouts

While banks have issued hundreds of millions of more secure chip-enabled payment cards in the U.S., only around 20% of Visa merchants currently have chip-card readers up and running. If you’ve used one of these cards at a store, you’ve likely experienced the odd, silent wait as your card sits in the reader, seemingly taking forever for approval. An upgrade from Visa aims to shave a significant amount of time off this process. [More]

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Will Costco’s Switch From American Express To Visa Affect My Credit?

In June, Costco will officially change its store-branded credit card from American Express to a Visa card issued by Citi. The wholesale club is promising a seamless transition, but some longtime Costco customers have concerns: Will my credit score or history be dinged? Can I opt-out?  [More]

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Retailers Frustrated About Chip Card Terminals They Can’t Turn On, Liability For Fraud

A grocery store chain in Florida made headlines last week for filing a lawsuit against a consortium of credit card issuers for delaying their certification to process payments on the EMV (chip card) payment network. They aren’t alone, though: many other medium-size chains and other businesses have had their certification delayed, which is costing them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars now that they’re liable for fraudulent transactions. [More]

Capital One Will Let Customers Pay Bills, Access Account Info Using Amazon Echo

Capital One Will Let Customers Pay Bills, Access Account Info Using Amazon Echo

You can ask Alexa to order you a pizza and get more laundry detergent, and soon, Capital One customers who own an Amazon Echo will be able to access their accounts to pay bills and get other information by speaking to their device. [More]

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New Credit Card Rules May Make It Difficult To Purchase Gift Cards

If you recently tried to purchase a gift card and were told you had to use cash or had to stick to a smaller denomination, you’re not alone. The way in which retailers sell gift cards has changed in the five months since new credit card rules went into effect. [More]

Aldi Will Accept Credit Cards Nationwide Starting Today

Aldi Will Accept Credit Cards Nationwide Starting Today

There are many things missing from Aldi that American shoppers expect to find in grocery stores. They don’t have free plastic bags, for example, or candy at the checkout, or items containing added MSG or hydrogenated oils. Another familiar missing item was credit cards: cash, debit cards, SNAP, and EBT cards were accepted, but not credit cards with their higher fees. As of today, though, that changes nationwide. [More]

Costco Credit Cards Will Officially Switch To Citi, Visa In June

Costco Credit Cards Will Officially Switch To Citi, Visa In June

For more than a year now, Costco has been preparing to take its store-branded credit card business in a new direction. Specifically, it’s transferring its credit card network from long-time partner American Express to Citigroup and Visa. After hitting a few snags in the road, the shopping club now plans to make things official in June.  [More]

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Retailers Have Chip-Enabled Card Readers, Aren’t Actually Turning Them On

If you’ve received a shiny new chip-enabled card from your bank or credit card company in recent months, then you’ve probably been through this at least once. You see that a store has the slot for your card, so you assume that the store actually accepts them. Silly shopper! The terminal tells you to swipe the magnetic stripe instead. [More]

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Sam’s Club To Accept Visa Credit Cards As Of February 1

Shoppers at Sam’s Club will no longer need to ensure that they have the correct credit card on hand or that they’ve brought cash: as of February 1, 2016, the warehouse club will begin accepting Visa credit cards in its stores, finally making all four credit card networks accepted in its stores. [More]

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Safeway Says No Payment Data Stolen From California Stores, Only Colorado

There’s potential good news out of Safeway: while the company confirmed that they found skimmers in credit card payment terminals in two states, a spokesperson says that the baddies didn’t harvest any customer data from the stores in California. Instead, the grocer found them back in September while inspecting terminals. While it’s good news that customers didn’t walk up to an ATM only to find their bank accounts drained, it’s still worrisome that someone was able to install the skimmers in the first place. [More]


Colleges Warned About Making Secret Deals With Credit Card Companies

In spite of rules intended to crack down on the once-rampant mis-marketing of credit cards to college students, some schools have not been fully transparent about lucrative agreements they’ve made with card companies, and could face federal penalties. [More]

Consumers saved $9 billion in overdraft fees since 2009.

Report: Credit Card Reforms Saved Consumers $16B In Six Years

In 2009, lawmakers passed a massive set of reforms for the credit card industry – known as the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) — aimed at protecting consumers though transparency, fairness, accountability and better access to an array of financial products. A new report from the agency tasked with enforcing these rules, finds that nearly six years after implementation, consumers have saved nearly $16 billion in fees.  [More]

San Francisco Sues American Express, Alleging Illegal Restraints On Merchants

San Francisco Sues American Express, Alleging Illegal Restraints On Merchants

States Ask Banks, Credit Card Companies To Hurry Up With The Chip & PIN Cards Already

States Ask Banks, Credit Card Companies To Hurry Up With The Chip & PIN Cards Already

The deadline has come and gone for most retailers to install new microchip-scanning credit card readers in stores, but many stores are still waiting to introduce the devices because a lot of banks and credit card issuers have yet to issue the more secure cards to customers. In the hope of resolving this stalemate, attorneys general for eight states and the District of Columbia have called on the nation’s biggest banks and card networks to start pressing the new plastic ASAP. [More]

Slow Rollout Of Chip-And-PIN Credit Cards May Keep Lines Moving This Holiday Season

Slow Rollout Of Chip-And-PIN Credit Cards May Keep Lines Moving This Holiday Season

October 1 was supposed to be the deadline for U.S. retailers to update their payment systems to accept new chip-enabled credit cards, but a number of stores haven’t finished making this change, and most consumers still have boring ol’ no-chip cards. The good news is that this foot-dragging on everyone’s part may have the effect of not slowing down checkout lines this holiday shopping season. [More]