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What Does A Grocery Store PIN Pad Skimmer Look Like?

What Does A Grocery Store PIN Pad Skimmer Look Like?

Have you ever wondered how customers could slide their cards through and enter their PINs on a compromised payment terminal without even noticing? While some skimming schemes involve Bluetooth transmitters and require disassembling the device, installing a skimmer can be as simple as snapping an identical part over an existing card reader. [More]

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Card Skimmers Found Inside Payment Terminals In California And Colorado Safeway Stores

Regular Consumerist readers are probably now used to checking gas pumps, kiosks, and ATMs for visible and obvious skimming devices. However, banks have discovered and Safeway has confirmed that credit card terminals in some of their stores in California and Colorado were compromised with hardware skimmers: devices embedded right in the card-processing machines that harvested their card data and PINs. [More]

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Cops Using GPS To Track Credit Card-Skimming Devices Back To Scammers

For years, we’ve been telling you about credit card skimming devices that collect the information on your card when you swipe at places like ATMs and gas pumps. The common-sense thing to do when finding a skimmer is to remove it. And while that prevents anyone else from being victimized, the scammers who hooked up the illegal device are rarely caught. That’s why some police are now leaving gas pump card skimmers in place but adding a GPS tracker to follow the skimmer back to its criminal creators. [More]

Hacked Card Readers Found At Aldi Stores In 11 States

Hacked Card Readers Found At Aldi Stores In 11 States

Late last week, discount grocery chain Aldi revealed that customers’ banking info may have been compromised by card readers that had been illegally tampered with at stores in 11 states.