Do You Remember What Happened This Week? Maybe Not, But Take Our Quiz Anyway


Monday there was news. Then Tuesday there was also news, some of it new. Wednesday had news too, if we remember it correctly. News definitely happened yesterday (we read about it online), and we have the punched time-cards to show that news newsed earlier today. But have you been keeping up? [More]

Give Your Grey Matter A Weekend Workout With The Consumerist Quiz

Xavier J. Peg

We went easy on you last week — the holiday-shortened week and residual high spirits resulted in fewer questions and easily eliminated wrong answers — and it showed, with the median score on the Consumerist Quiz soaring to 75% (up from the typical weekly result of around 60%). Think you can continue with your high-scoring ways, or are you due for a post all-star break slump? [More]

Think Back On The Short Week That Was With This Abbreviated Consumerist Quiz!

Jason Cook

We know that a lot of you only worked a few days this week, so we’re giving you a break with this installment of the Consumerist Quiz — now with 47% less quizziness! [More]

How Well Do You Know Your Fast Food Calorie Counts? Take Our Quiz To Find Out


Fast food chains have long made their nutrition info available online, and in a number of markets around the country, this info has been posted in restaurants on menu boards for several years — but have you been paying attention? [More]

James LeVeque

Burn Through Those Last Few Minutes Before The Holiday Weekend With The Consumerist Quiz

Look, we know you probably don’t want to be here. Everyone else in the office is already gone, but you’re stuck holding down the fort, pretending to be reading emails when you’re really just seeing how many pages of “Brexit” Google results you need to go through before finding some really good Brexit-themed erotic fiction. Okay, maybe that’s just us. Don’t judge. [More]

Quiz: Craft Beer Or Roller Derby Girl?

inajeep & Mike Matney

If there are two fun, creative groups of folks in this country who just can’t turn away from a good pun, it’s small-time beer brewers and roller derby girls. But can you tell which is which? [More]

The Consumerist Quiz: Do You Know The Stories Behind These Company Names?

(Joel Zimmer)

We’ve already told you about the origins of the names for companies like GEICO, Sprint, IKEA, and Nabisco, but we can’t just give you all the answers all the time. So to kill some time this weekend, we’re seeing how well our readers know the histories of some of the biggest names in food, retail, and air travel. [More]

The Consumerist Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Fortune 500 Companies?

The Consumerist Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Fortune 500 Companies?

While lists like the Fortune 500 are chock-full of companies and brands that are familiar to just about everyone — Walmart, Exxon, Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM — there are plenty of businesses that don’t have that same level of name recognition, even if they have thousands of employees and bring in billions of dollars. [More]