Adam Fagen

Complaints About Student Loan Servicing Increased 429% In Past Year

In the past year, federal regulators and consumer advocates have highlighted issues with student loans and the servicing of these often crippling debts: from finding that educational loans continue to haunt older borrowers, to suing Navient, the largest student loan servicing company. Because of this, it might not come as much of a surprise that the number of complaints the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received related to student loans has skyrocketed.  [More]

Adam Fagen

Citizens Bank Glitch Makes Direct Deposits Disappear, Leaves Bills Unpaid

Citizen Bank customers expecting to see their paychecks added to the balance of their accounts Friday morning were disappointed to find that wasn’t the case: A glitch in the bank’s system prevented paychecks and other direct deposits from being processed.  [More]

CFPB Says TCF Bank Made Millions From Misleading Overdraft Practices

CFPB Says TCF Bank Made Millions From Misleading Overdraft Practices

Fifteen months after Minnesota-based TCF Financial revealed it could face legal action from federal regulators related to alleged unfair and deceptive overdraft practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finally taken legal action against the bank. [More]

Jacob Grove

Regulators Investigating 1M Dodge Trucks, SUVs Linked To Rollaway Incidents

Six months after confusing gear shifters made headlines following the death of Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin, federal regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into one million Dodge trucks and SUVs with similar shifters after receiving more than 40 complaints the vehicles have rolled away after drivers put them in the “Park” position.  [More]

William Hook

iPhone Owners Complain That iOS Update Drains Batteries Unexpectedly

A week after Apple admitted that some iPhone 6S batteries weren’t woking properly and agreed to fix the power source for free, the company’s latest iOS update has been found to unexpectedly drain device batteries in a matter of seconds.  [More]


Apple Pushes Out Update To Fix Verizon Customers’ iPhone Connection Issues

Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless users complained that they were experiencing connection issues with the newly released iPhone 7. In an attempt to fix this issue, Apple has just released an update to the iPhone’s operating system.


Skincare Marketers Barred Over Deceptive Marketing and Billing Practices

Skincare Marketers Barred Over Deceptive Marketing and Billing Practices

A year after federal regulators received a court order temporarily shutting down a group of marketers allegedly using deceptive online “risk-free trials” to entice customers into buying skincare products, the agency officially received orders barring the companies and their operators from using the deceptive tactics to promote their products.  [More]


Consumer Privacy Groups File FTC Complaint Over Facebook, WhatsApp Data Sharing

It’s been less than a week since WhatsApp announced it would start sharing some user data with parent company Facebook, but in that short time, app users and privacy advocates alike have raised a ruckus over what they see as a broken promise. Now, some consumer privacy watchdog groups have filed a formal complaint with the FTC, asking them to look into it.


Alan Rappa

Amazon Angers Smaller Sellers With Suspensions

The pages of Amazon are full of third-party sellers using the e-tail giant as a storefront, but a number of small-scale sellers say there’s a growing rift between themselves and Amazon over accounts that the sellers claim are being suspended with little notice and few options for recourse. [More]

What You Should Know About The Confusing Gear Shift In Jeep, Dodge, & Chrysler Vehicles

What You Should Know About The Confusing Gear Shift In Jeep, Dodge, & Chrysler Vehicles

For years, the gearshift in a vehicle has followed roughly the same design: a user guides the stick to a designated slot corresponding to the desired gear selection. That has changed in recent years, as some carmakers have opted for sleeker, tech-savvy electronic shifters. However, these components have proven to be confusing, leading to some vehicles — thought to have been in “park” — rolling away, injuring some owners.  [More]

Van Swearington

Jeep Recalled For Gear Shift Issue Linked To Star Trek Actor’s Death

When Fiat Chrysler (FCA) recalled 811,000 Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles in April over concerns about the cars’ confusing electronic gear shifter, the carmaker said it was aware of more than 100 crashes, including 41 injuries, resulting from drivers inadvertently leaving their vehicles in gear with the engine running. The issue is now being linked to the death of a young actor over the weekend.  [More]

Companies Agree To Stop Promoting Beauty Products With Synthetic Ingredients As “All Natural”

Companies Agree To Stop Promoting Beauty Products With Synthetic Ingredients As “All Natural”

One would assume when buying a product marketed as “all-natural” or “100% natural” that said product wouldn’t contain synthetic ingredients like phenoxyethanol or polyethylene, right? Wrong. At least, that’s the cases for five companies facing action by federal regulators for allegedly making false claims about their products’ ingredients.


Cancer Charities That Scammed $75M From Donors Must Shut Down, Issue Refunds

Cancer Charities That Scammed $75M From Donors Must Shut Down, Issue Refunds

Last May, an investigation involving federal regulators and prosecutors from all 50 states led to four national cancer charities being charged with swindling consumers out of $187 million in charitable donations. Today, two of those bogus charities — responsible for $75 million in bilked donations — have agreed to close up shop and provide refunds to donors.


Hammerin Man

Servicemembers Twice As Likely To Submit Complaints About Unsavory Debt Collection Practices

While millions of Americans are no strangers to questionable debt-collection practices, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that the men and women in the armed forces are twice as likely than their civilian counterparts to file a complaint when a collector crosses the line.

Great Beyond

The 8.5 Steps To Making An Effective Complaint That Gets A Solution

Millions upon millions of seamless commercial transactions — interactions between consumers and business — take place every day. But sometimes, something goes wrong. Your package arrived broken. You’ve been billed for a service you cancelled three months ago. You were called something rude by an employee. Whatever it is, it’s a problem, and you need to complain about it. [More]

Traveler Complaints About Airlines Increased Nearly 30% Last Year

Traveler Complaints About Airlines Increased Nearly 30% Last Year

While airlines might not be leaping at the chance to tell customers how to file complaints about their service, that hasn’t stopped more travelers from sharing their tales of woe with the Department of Transportation. In fact, the number of complaints filed by beleaguered passengers increased by nearly 30% last year.  [More]

Comcast User’s Bot Tweets At Comcast Whenever His Internet Speed Gets Too Slow

Comcast User’s Bot Tweets At Comcast Whenever His Internet Speed Gets Too Slow

Just because you pay for a certain internet speed doesn’t mean you get it all the time. That’s just a sad fact of life: those speeds are an “up to” promise, not a “minimum guarantee” promise. But just how often is a lapse below a certain threshold acceptable? And given that internet speeds are variable, how would you make sure your provider knows?