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Hero Sets Record By Eating 182 Slices Of Bacon In Five Minutes

Listen, not everyone can throw arterial caution to the wind, so when someone does go above and beyond the usual bacon intake to prove themselves a hero in the pork-eating world, it must be noted. I salute you, guy who ate 182 slices of bacon in five minutes, because there is no way I will ever be you. [More]

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Competitive Eater Gobbles Down 9.35 Pounds Of Turkey In 10 Minutes

So you’re planning on eating a whole lot of turkey on Thanksgiving, huh? Good luck trying to get anywhere near the amount of turkey the winner of a holiday-themed eating contest just shoved down his gullet in the amount of time it takes me to decide how large of a scoop of mashed potatoes I can serve myself without having everyone behind me in line hate me. [More]

Watch Woman Eat 9 Lbs Of Steak In 15 Minutes, Because What Else Do You Have To Do Today?

Watch Woman Eat 9 Lbs Of Steak In 15 Minutes, Because What Else Do You Have To Do Today?

The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo is famous for its 72-oz steak dinner deal, where the entire thing is free — if you eat it all (including the shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad and roll) within an hour. That challenge was nothing for a woman from Nebraska who not only scarfed down two of these meals, but did so in fewer than 15 minutes. [More]

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Watch This Guy Eat Four Chipotle Burritos In Three Minutes

Before you start to feel like all your eating achievements thus far pale in comparison to the feat mentioned in the headline, know that none of your friends are going to think any less of you just because you can only eat two burritos in 30 minutes before passing out on the floor in a pool of your own regret (I know, it’s your personal best). After all, the guy who ate four Chipotle burritos in only three minutes is a professional. [More]