Comcast’s Still Not Sure There’s Any Money In This Whole “Streaming” Thing

You might have heard that it’s 2016, and streaming your TV via the internet is all the rage. And yet despite being just as susceptible to cord-cutters as anyone (everyone) else, Comcast is still not thinking the whole streaming-TV thing is a moneymaker. [More]


Comcast Excited To Have Lost 4,000 TV Subscribers This Spring

Comcast is just so happy this morning, you guys! Their second quarter results are out and they are thrilled, just thrilled, to announce that they lost 4,000 TV subscribers in the last three months. [More]


Woman Out $250 After Falling Victim To Comcast, Amazon Fake Promotion Scheme

Consider yourself warned: Scammers are taking advantage of the recent news that Amazon is selling access to Comcast services, faking calls from the cable company to steal money from unwitting victims.


Next Year, You Can Buy Pay-As-You-Go Cable From Comcast If You Want

We’re used to there being two kinds of cell phone plans. There’s the post-paid, where you get a bill every month that may go up or down depending on your usage. And there’s the pre-paid, where you pay your $40 and get your flat amount of data and airtime, and use it until it’s used up. But prepaid cable? That’s a new one. [More]


CenturyLink Joins AT&T, Comcast In Charging You For Going Over Your Data Cap

We know that home broadband carriers want to horn in on all that sweet wireless money, but we do wish they wouldn’t do it by creating more data caps and then charging you overage fees to exceed them. And yet that’s what one provider after another seems determined to do. [More]


Does Comcast Want To Be Your Mobile Phone Carrier? (Probably, Yeah)

They already dominate in home broadband and in cable TV. But Comcast knows as well as anyone else that your attention is increasingly leaving the living room and going on the road — or at least, split between two screens at once. And if you’re going wireless, well, Comcast wants to meet you there so it can keep taking your money. [More]


Comcast Announces Big Internet Essentials Expansion In Partnership With Federal Program

Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, which provides broadband access to low-income Americans, has always been a nice idea. The reality, unfortunately, has been slow to catch up to the promise. Still, expanding affordable access to the most underserved is a laudable goal, so the big Internet Essentials expansion Comcast is announcing is good news. [More]

Mike Mozart

Comcast Customers Report Nationwide Phone Outage

If you happen to be a Comcast voice subscriber and were planning to make a barrage of calls today, you’re probably have a difficult time going about your business. That’s because Comcast appears to have been hit with a wide-ranging outage of its phone service. [More]


Cyclist Sues Comcast After Being Clotheslined By Low-Hanging Cable Line

If you think having an unsightly, low-hanging cable line in your backyard is a nuisance, try running into one at neck-level while riding your bike down the street. [More]

Comcast Gives Chicago Customers Bad News: Data Caps Are Coming


The Chicago area is one of Comcast’s larger markets, but until now it has avoided being part of the cable colossus’s expanding “test” of data caps. That’s about to change, with Comcast subscribers all over the Chicagoland area getting the bad news that they will soon face limits on their monthly data usage. [More]


Comcast: FCC’s Set-Top Box Proposal’s Impossible. FCC: Nuh-Uh. Who’s Right?

The FCC’s got a proposal in the works right now that Comcast doesn’t like. This is not a shock; Comcast has generally not liked any headlining proposals from the FCC in recent years. Some of the cable giant’s complaints are undoubtedly just sound and noise, signifying nothing other than “we like profit, don’t screw with our thing.” But maybe some of its technological complaints have merit. [More]

Comcast Leaves Cable Dangling In Back Yard Of Non-Customer For More Than 2 Years

Comcast Leaves Cable Dangling In Back Yard Of Non-Customer For More Than 2 Years

Nearly three years ago, Comcast workers told a Utah homeowner that they had to quickly strung a cable across her property to fix an outage. The Comcast-ers promised to come back soon and bury the unsightly line, but never made good on their promise — at least until a local TV news reporter got involved. [More]

Mike Mozart

You Can (Eventually) Use The Netflix App On Your Comcast Cable Box

At long last, Comcast has finally realized what consumers have known for years: Netflix — and its increasing focus on original series, not the cable and broadcast library — isn’t competition. It’s complementary. And so two of the biggest companies in media are about to lay down their metaphorical arms and start working together. [More]

Comcast Admits It Incorrectly Debited $1,775 From Account, Tells Me To Sort It Out With Bank


Nearly two years after Consumerist reader Robert shut down his business-tier service with Comcast, he’s still fighting with the nation’s largest broadband provider over a $1,775 early termination fee that should not have been assessed. Comcast even admits the money shouldn’t have been debited from Robert’s bank account, but now says it’s his responsibility to sort the mess out with his bank. [More]

Comcast Creates “Original Series” For The Sole Purpose Of Advertising Xfinity On Demand

Comcast Creates “Original Series” For The Sole Purpose Of Advertising Xfinity On Demand

It can be increasingly difficult to tell when a company is advertising their products and when they’re just trying to relate to potential customers. Comcast is apparently combining those two things with a new short-form series that follows a couple who get “Glued” to a TV show, that is in reality just one big commercial for the company.  [More]

Comcast Hopes Fans Of The Olympics Will Like Its Voice-Controlled Remote So Much They Won’t Cut The Cord

Comcast Hopes Fans Of The Olympics Will Like Its Voice-Controlled Remote So Much They Won’t Cut The Cord

Faced with a future where people can watch as much content as they want without a cable subscription, Comcast is getting ready to launch a product during the Rio Olympics it hopes will keep customers from pulling out those scissors and cutting the cord. [More]

Alec Taback

Following Comcast Complaints, Ad Watchdog Says Verizon Should Revise Its “#1 In Internet Speed” Claims

Which broadband company has the blah blah blah fastest blah blah? Virtually all of them claim to be the best and speediest, using various surveys and statistics to justify their numbers, and subtly couching their boasts in language that best suits their goal. However, a private ad industry watchdog says that Comcast has a justifiable gripe about the way Verizon has advertised FiOS internet speeds. [More]


How Much Does The Cable Industry Hate Two FCC Proposals? $22M And Counting

The FCC has been surprisingly busy over the last couple of years, taking lots of action on phone, TV, and internet issues that plague consumers. And while their many proposals have definite fans out there in the world… the big cable companies we all love to hate are decidedly not among them. [More]