When Comparing Colleges, It Would Help To Know If A School Is Under Investigation

When Comparing Colleges, It Would Help To Know If A School Is Under Investigation

Many consumers thinking of pursuing a higher education weigh the pros and the cons of a specific college: tuition, convenience, available areas of study. Last month, the Department of Education announced it would make the college shopping experience a little easier for prospective students by creating a consumer-facing online college comparison system. While the tool will no doubt be helpful, consumer advocates warn that, as it stands, the system will be missing a vital information: whether or not schools are party to investigation, lawsuits or settlements over harmful and deceptive practices. [More]

Increased Competition, New Options Means College Students Are Paying Less For Course Materials

Students are spending less on college course materials even though they are still buying the same amount of textbooks and other items. [Source: NACS]

Once upon a time, most college students had very few choices when it came to the textbooks and other course materials they were required to buy each semester: Pricey new books or not-quite-as-pricey used copies, and most of these were gone quickly. But now there are multiple online competitors for buying, renting, and reselling these materials and a new survey shows that students are paying a lot less. [More]

[Source: Sallie Mae]

Families Going Deeper Into Their Own Pockets To Pay For College

College spending continues to rise, but not all American families are taking measures to bring down the amount of their own money they have to spend to educate their children. [More]

Oregon Becomes Second State To Offer Free Tuition To All Graduating High School Students

Oregon Becomes Second State To Offer Free Tuition To All Graduating High School Students

Thousands of recent high school graduates in Oregon now have the chance to attend community college without the worry of accumulating loads of debt they may never be able to pay back, as lawmakers in the state recently approved a bill to establish the second program in the country to offer students help in paying for college. [More]

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New Jersey Legislation Would Create Student Loan Lottery To Let You Gamble Away Your Debt

While lottery proceeds may do an awful lot of good for state coffers, the odds of winning are microscopically small, and anyone who has lived in a poverty-stricken neighborhood has likely seen people who can’t afford to lose any money throwing away what little they have on a nose hair’s chance that they might win something. So why not apply that same model to the $1 trillion student loan debt problem? [More]

Students At Closed Corinthian Colleges May Ask For Federal Student Loan Relief

Students At Closed Corinthian Colleges May Ask For Federal Student Loan Relief

Getting a student loan discharged is not easy. Even bankruptcy is not usually enough to shake off that debt. But recent students at schools under the Corinthian Colleges Inc. [CCI] umbrella (Everest, WyoTech, Heald) will get the chance to request that some of all their federal student loan obligation be lifted. [More]

Health Insurer Anthem Offering Employees Free College

Health Insurer Anthem Offering Employees Free College

What do Fiat Chrysler, Starbucks and health insurer Anthem have in common? As of today, they each offer to foot the bill for their employees to attend college. [More]


Executives For The World’s Largest Diploma Mill Arrested

Less than two weeks after an investigative report detailed how a Pakistan-based IT company allegedly raked in millions of dollars a month by selling bogus diplomas, degrees and certifications through a series of fake websites and forceful sales calls, authorities in the country say they’ve arrested the chief executive of Axact. [More]

Ashworth College agreed to settle charges it misled students.

For-Profit Educator Ashworth College Settles FTC Charges It Misrepresented Career Opportunities, Transfer Credits

Federal regulators’ crackdown on the for-profit education industry continued today as Georgia-based Ashworth College agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges the company misled students about career training and credit transfers. [More]


Senator Calls For Investigation Into Three For-Profit College Chains, Restrictions On Future Campus Sales

The struggle to protect students from potentially harmful for-profit college chains continued today as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin urged the Department of Education to investigate the business practices of three of the country’s largest propriety education companies – ITT Educational Services, Career Education Corporation, and Education Management Corporation. [More]


10 Things We Learned About The World’s Largest Diploma Mill

Earning a diploma can take years, but some people simply don’t have the time. For that reason, companies have been cropping up year after year offering consumers the chance to obtain a diploma, degree or certification in exchange for hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of dollars. A new report from the New York Times details how one company allegedly rakes in millions of dollars a month by selling those bogus documents though a series of fake websites and forceful sales calls. [More]

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CFPB Wants To Hear Your Comments On Student Loan Servicing Practices

Outstanding student loan debt now totals more than $1.2 trillion in the U.S., and it’s only going to grow as college tuitions continue to outpace inflation. Meanwhile, student loan servicers aren’t exactly making it easy for borrowers to pay down that debt with confusing and inconsistent policies and an apparent reluctance to work with troubled borrowers. In an effort to see if the repayment process can be made less byzantine, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for you to share your thoughts on the state of student loan servicing. [More]


What Did Your Mom Teach You About Money?

When I was in first grade, the lunch lady at my school informed me that my parents had overpaid for my meals for the month, and sent the extra money home with me, as I remember it. I took it to my mom, who said that everyone should have a bank account, and that we could use that $18 or so to start one for me. And to add to that — she said that moolah could grow to a larger amount all by itself through a magical thing called “interest.” [More]

Billions In College Aid Will Go Unclaimed Again Because Students Won’t Fill Out A Stupid Form

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Way back in December, we advised high school seniors who planned on attending college to not be stupid and go fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] form right away. Every year, billions of dollars in grant and loan money goes unclaimed because students and their parents never get around to filling out this paperwork, and it looks like the upcoming school year will be no different. [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Offers Employees Chance For Free College Education At A For-Profit University

Providing the opportunity for employees to obtain a college degree is a worthy intention. Just as Starbucks announced in 2014 that it would finance the college dreams of workers around the country, Fiat Chrysler has unveiled a similar program today. There’s only one slight difference: the university that Chrysler has partnered with is a for-profit college. [More]


Petition Calls For Loan Relief For Corinthian College Students

Ever since for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges began its downward spiral last summer, consumer groups, students and legislators have urged the Department of Education to provide current and former students relief from student loans they took out to finance an education based on deceptive recruitment practices. Now that CCI has closed its remaining Everest University, Heald College and WyoTech campuses, consumer advocates say discharging federal student loans held by these students – and protecting students of other for-profit institutions – should be of immediate concern for the Department. [More]

Corinthian Colleges Completes Collapse, Closes Remaining Campuses Effective Immediately

Corinthian Colleges Completes Collapse, Closes Remaining Campuses Effective Immediately

Although it was nearly a year in the making, the largest collapse in U.S. higher education finally occurred Sunday, as embattled for-profit education chain Corinthian Colleges Inc. – the operator of Everest University, Heald College and WyoTech – announced it would close the remainder of its campuses effective Monday. [More]

DeVry is shuttering 14 campuses in 11 states, and moving those students online.

DeVry Closing 14 Campuses, Moving Students Online

Amid lawsuits, scandals, shutdowns — not to mention the many former students who say they racked up huge student loan bills without getting an adequate education — enrollment at for-profit colleges in the U.S. continues to shrink. And students at 14 DeVry campuses in 11 cities will soon have to take their education online with the educator moving those schools online in an effort to save money. [More]