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Dunkin’ Donuts Threatens Coffee Shop With Legal Action Over Handwritten Window Message

We understand the need for companies to protect their trademarks, but the biggest names in coffee seem to love punching down at small businesses over minor disputes. Starbucks twice fought — and twice lost — a battle with a small New Hampshire roaster over “Charbucks, Caribou Coffee forced a Michigan cafe to change its name, and now Dunkin’ Donuts is threatening legal action against a Massachusetts coffee shop over a slogan handwritten on the store’s window. [More]

Evolution Fresh

Starbucks Shuttering Final Two Evolution Fresh Juice Stores

Six years after Starbucks branched out of its caffeinated coffee corner by purchasing juice maker Evolution Fresh for $30 million and eventually opening a handful of juice stores, the coffee conglomerate is closing the doors of the final two remaining juicy locations.  [More]

Coffee Shop Hackers: How To Starbucks-Proof Your Laptop

Coffee Shop Hackers: How To Starbucks-Proof Your Laptop

Starbucks is offering free wi-fi in all of their locations starting today, so Lifehacker has some instructions that will help you keep your laptop safe while using public wi-fi. (Not just at Starbucks, obviously.)


This Coffee Shop Has A Lot Of Rules

This Coffee Shop Has A Lot Of Rules

Little-known fact: some coffee shops can be havens of passive-aggressive behavior. Reader Paul discovered what might be the most passive-aggressive coffee shop we’ve ever seen, and he’d like to share its dysfunction with the world.