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Walmart Mexico Investigated Over Promotional Cockfight

Walmart’s Mexican operations are being investigating by authorities in the city of Boca del Rio, where customers complained a Walmart store hosted a cockfight to promote a soft drink company. The retailer says it’s the customer gripes are overblown and that, while there were indeed roosters pecking at each other, no actual cockfighting took place. [More]

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“Operation Angry Birds” Rescues 3,000 Cockfighting Contenders

When you think of a coordinated law enforcement effort that involves simultaneous takedowns of three illegal operations in three different counties, you might assume it involved narcotics or human trafficking or terrorist cells. But New York state’s Operation Angry Birds had a truly fowl target in mind. [More]

Humane Society Crows At Amazon Over Cockfighting

Humane Society Crows At Amazon Over Cockfighting

There’s at least one cock fighting in this legal battle: the U.S. Humane Society is threatening to sue Amazon for selling magazines for aficionados of the chicken, the razor and the plume.