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Albino Cobra Captured After Days On The Loose In Southern California

Residents of a Southern California neighborhood can rest a little easier now, after animal-control officers tracked down and captured an albino monocled cobra on the loose that had been slithering around the Thousand Oaks neighborhood since at least Monday. The owner still remains a mystery, while the snake will now have a new home at the Los Angeles Zoo. [Associated Press]


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California Authorities On The Hunt For Illegal Albino Cobra On The Loose

There’s a reason there are rules about which pets you can and can’t have. A cat? Sure, have one of those! But you couldn’t bring a tiger home and toss it a yarn ball. So if you want a snake — great! Mr. Slithers is a nice name. Bringing home a deadly albino cobra though, well that’s what’s got officials in Los Angeles worked up, after it escaped from whoever was keeping it. [More]

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

The misplaced cobra at the Bronx zoo has been found, coiled and hungry in a dark secluded corner of the reptile house, CNN reports. After the snake went missing, zoo officials closed down the snake exhibit and started searching ceaselessly for the missing creature. Though the zoo kept stressing the cobra was probably within the reptile house, that didn’t stop the deadly snake from setting the public’s imagination on fire, with national media coverage, a keyboard-playing appearance on Conan, and a 200,000 follower strong satirical Twitter account.


Cobra Gets Loose At Bronx Zoo

Cobra Gets Loose At Bronx Zoo

Sick of the whole captivity for the entertainment of humans thing, a cobra at the Bronx Zoo apparently slipped out of its enclosure and went missing Friday, causing management to shut down the facility over the weekend.