REI Won’t Open On Black Friday, Tells Everyone To Go Play Outside

The outdoor equipment co-op REI sells gear for people to have fun, well, outdoors. That’s why it makes sense that they’ve started a campaign encouraging all of us to spend the day after Thanksgiving having fun outside. Oh, and they’re including store employees in that mandate: stores will be closed, and employees will have that day off with pay. [More]

Jeremy Schultz

NYC Apartment Owner Suing Co-Op Board After 16 Years Of Waiting To Move In

Anticipation can be a heady thing, a mix of optimism and suspense, with the knowledge that eventually, you’ll get what you’re after. But one New York City co-op owner is likely past the stage of simple expectation, after waiting 16 years to move into an apartment that cost him millions. [More]

Independent Dairy Farmers Fight Big Milk's Cartels

Independent Dairy Farmers Fight Big Milk's Cartels

Everyone who drinks milk watches the price carefully, but what most consumers don’t realize is that the price actually paid to dairy farmers for raw milk is currently the lowest it’s been in 40 years. That’s because only a few large companies control the country’s milk supply, and now the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the situation and deciding whether to take anti-trust action against them.

So You’re Tryin To Sell/Refi Your Co-Op And You Misplaced Your Lease

Losing your co-op documents can really suck if you’re trying to refi or sell your apartment. Unlike home and condos, there is no filing of deeds with the municipal clerk. So what happens when you lose your co-op stock certificate and proprietary lease papers?