William Hook

Watch Out For Fake Retailer Apps On Your iPhone This Holiday Season

It feels like pretty much every major chain retailer out there now has an accompanying app they want you to download to your phone. These are supposed to enhance your shopping experience, provide you with targeted discounts, and provide the retailer with a wealth of useful data. What they aren’t supposed to do, though, is steal your private information — but there are a whole lot of clones out there that do just that, and in the run-up to the holiday shopping season, they’re popping up like mad. [More]

Meet The Virtual ATM Skimmers

Meet The Virtual ATM Skimmers

Just when you thought that you and your ATM card data were safe from criminal eyes, Scientific American brings a different sort of threat. This time, the skimmers are inside the machine. Malware within the ATM itself harvests enough data to do some very bad things.


The FDA’s announcement today that cloned beef and dairy is safe was met with criticism by several consumer groups, which isn’t surprising, and the US Department of Agriculture, which is—they say that food producers should continue to honor a “voluntary moratorium” for the indefinite future…

Eat Cloned Animals, FDA Says

Eat Cloned Animals, FDA Says

According to a soon-to-be released FDA report on cloned animals, the government says it’s safe for you to eat Dolly, Dolly, Dolly and even Dolly. On every single measure of animal healthiness, the FDA analysis of cloned animals found virtually no difference between clones and animals reproduced by normal means.

FDA Even Closer To Allowing Cloned Meat With No Special Labels

We reported Tuesday that the FDA was expected to find in favor of allowing cloned meat and milk from cloned animals to enter the food supply without special labeling. On Thursday the FDA issued the expected statement in favor of cloned meat.

FDA Expected to OK Cloned Meat

Is cloned meat safe? The government seems to think so. According to the Seattle Times, “A long-awaited study by federal scientists concludes meat and milk from cloned animals and their offspring are safe to eat and should be allowed to enter the food supply without special labeling.”