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Scammer Accused Of Swindling Investors Out Of $24K For Fake Clint Eastwood Cowboy Documentary

When you think of Clint Eastwood, he of the flinty-eyed gaze and chiseled jawline, you probably think about the Wild West, the wide open prairie and the cowboys who range there. Which is exactly what one scammer was counting on when he allegedly swindled $24,000 out of investors in Montana for a cowboy flick that he said would be narrated by Eastwood himself. [More]

Clint Eastwood Denies Political Slant In Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Last year, people around the country cheered Chrysler’s ad touting the phoenix-like rebirth of Detroit and American automakers. But it’s an election year, so the car company’s most recent TV spot, featuring Mr. Grizzle himself, Clint Eastwood, has been attacked by some as being propaganda for the Obama administration. [More]