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Former Wells Fargo Employees Sue Bank For $2.6B, Claiming Wrongful Termination

Days after lawmakers urged the Department of Labor to investigate Wells Fargo’s actions against employees after workers of the banking giant claimed they were fired and otherwise mistreated if they failed to meet strict sales quotas that ultimately resulted in the opening and closing of two million unauthorized consumer accounts, some former employees have come together to file a class action lawsuit against the company.  [More]

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Wells Fargo Customers Accuse Bank Of Fraud, Negligence After Employees Open Fake Accounts

Now that Wells Fargo has admitted bank employees opened up more than two million unauthorized accounts, it’s no surprise that customers who may have been hit with fees and charges because of these bogus accounts are firing back at the bank with a lawsuit, but they might never get their day in court.  [More]

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Chipotle Worker Lawsuit Now Has Nearly 10,000 Plaintiffs

Nearly two years after a Chipotle employee filed a class-action seeking lawsuit accusing the fast casual restaurant of wage theft, the case has signed on nearly 10,000 former and current employees. [More]

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Class-Action Suit Accuses Honda Of Selling Acura Vehicles With Battery-Draining Defect

Connecting your phone to your vehicle via a Bluetooth link can make driving safer. But for thousands of Acura owners, they claim this convenience — a HandsFreeLink Bluetooth phone-pairing system — contains a defect, that results in dead car batteries and the need for frequent battery replacements. Today, those owners came together to file a class-action lawsuit against Honda, the maker of the vehicles. [More]

Former Old Country Buffet Employees Sue Company After Abrupt Closures

Former Old Country Buffet Employees Sue Company After Abrupt Closures

Earlier this year, the owner of Hometown Buffet, Ryan’s Buffet, Fire Mountain, and Old Country Buffet abruptly closed ore than 160 restaurants without giving any advance notice to employees and then filed for bankruptcy — but not before hiring auctioneers to sell anything in the restaurants that wasn’t leased or nailed down. Now, a group of former employees have filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status against Food Management Partners, the company that once ran the buffet restaurants, for not giving them a heads up as required by federal law.  [More]

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RushCard To Pay $19M To Customers After Weeks-Long Glitch Last year

Last October, thousands of unbanked consumers who rely on prepaid RushCards were unable to access their funds because of a technical glitch. After toying with the idea of creating a compensation fund for those customers, RushCard announced Thursday that it will pay at least $19 million to card users affected by the weeks-long outage.  [More]

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Lawsuit: Target Failed To Pay New York Warehouse Workers Overtime

A group of Target warehouse employees in New York filed a class-action seeking lawsuit against the retailer, accusing the company of misclassifying workers with low-level management responsibilities so they wouldn’t receive overtime pay.  [More]

Papa John’s Accused Of Taxing Delivery Fees In Illinois

Papa John’s Accused Of Taxing Delivery Fees In Illinois

Sometimes it’s just easier to have a piping hot pie delivered to your door, even if it means you have to pay a small fee for the convenience. But an Illinois man claims in a recently filed class-action seeking lawsuit that Papa John’s added a little extra to his bill in the form of an illegal delivery tax.  [More]

Customer Files Class-Action Against McDonald’s Operator Over Hepatitis A Exposure

Customer Files Class-Action Against McDonald’s Operator Over Hepatitis A Exposure

More than 1,000 diners at a New York McDonald’s may have been exposed to hepatitis A by an employee, a new potential class-action lawsuit against the operator of the fast food restaurant claims.  [More]


Lawsuit Claims Toyota, GM & Ford Deceived Consumers About Hackability Of Connected Cars

A recently filed class action lawsuit claims that Toyota, Ford and General Motors knowingly put consumers at risk by selling connected cars that can be susceptible to hackers looking to remotely control vehicle functionality.  [More]

Two senators called on the FDA to investigate allegations that Purina's Beneful brand dog food includes toxins.

Lawsuit Claims Thousands Of Dogs Became Ill Or Died After Eating Purina’s Beneful Kibble

A recently filed lawsuit claims that instead of containing nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients, Nestle Purina PetCare Company’s most popular brand of dog food includes toxins that have led to serious illness or death for thousands of dogs. [More]

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Nissan Settles Class-Action Suit Over Faulty Brakes, Consumers Could Receive Between $20 And $800

Current and former owners of nearly 350,000 Nissan vehicles could be on the receiving end of a reimbursement check after the car company agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit involving vehicle defects that caused brakes to suddenly fail. [More]

First Class-Action Suit Filed Against Takata Over Airbag Defects

First Class-Action Suit Filed Against Takata Over Airbag Defects

With nearly 8 million vehicles recalled, 30 injuries and at least four deaths linked to potentially defective Takata airbags, it should come as no surprise that the Japanese auto parts maker would face its fair share of lawsuits from consumers. [More]

Frequent-Flying, And Complaining, Rabbi Can SueDelta

Frequent-Flying, And Complaining, Rabbi Can SueDelta

A lawsuit by a rabbi, who says that Northwest Airlines booted him from its frequent flyer program for complaining too much, can go forward. The case had initially been dismissed by a lower court that said federal deregulation law pre-empted the man’s claim, but the 9th circuit reversed that decision on Friday.


DoJ Files To Dismiss AT&T Lawsuit… It’s Top Secret!

Bad news for those of us who don’t want the long-distance sex calls we made to our Canadian girlfriends shouted mockingly at us when we’re tied to a chair with a burlap sack over our face in between a knee-thwacking with a length of hose. The Department of Justice has filed a motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit by the EFF against AT&T for illegally complying with NSA wire-tapping of citizens’ lines.

Reader Wants Class-Action Text Message Lawsuit Against T-Mobile

Reader Wants Class-Action Text Message Lawsuit Against T-Mobile

One of our readers is so upset about the T-Mobile text increase that he wants to gather a coalition of the willing together for a class action lawsuit.