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Read Chris Anderson's Book 'Free' For Free

Read Chris Anderson's Book 'Free' For Free

Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail, has published a new book that looks at something of interest to Consumerist: the trend of content and services to slide toward free, especially in the digital world. It’s pretty light reading and an interesting look at economics in the digital marketplace in particular—and for now, at least, it’s available in multiple formats for free.

Companies’ Interaction with Bloggers

There’s an interesting interview over at iMedia Connection with Wired Editor Chris Anderson. Unlike most interviews, it obviously isn’t a set of static questions mailed off to Chris, but an actual dialogue between Anderson and Brad Berens, his interviewer. It starts off discussing Anderson’s recent interactions through his blog with Microsoft over technical support for his XBox 360, but soon gets up to the elbows in the meaty subject of blogs, consumerism and corporate responsibility. The following quote is actually part of one of the interviewer’s questions: