Sriracha Vodka Is Here To Chili Up Your Booze

Sriracha mania continues nationwide. The newest product with the flavor of spicy chili to hit the market? Vodka. We were ambivalent about the idea until we saw UV Vodka’s serving suggestion on their site: use in Bloody Marys. Hmm. Sounds good, whether that’s before or after you add the cheeseburgers to your tomato-based mixed drink. [UV Vodka via Jezebel]

(Michael Kalus)

City Sues Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Over Eye-Burning Chili Stench

There are many things in life that we love having, but that we wouldn’t love to have in our literal or figurative backyards. Things like sriracha, the powerful chili sauce that scorches your taste buds off with deliciousness. You might love the sauce, but have you ever thought about the people who live near the factories where it’s made? [More]