Mike Mozart

Are There Industrial Chemicals In Your Mac & Cheese?

While the federal government banned phthalates — industrial chemicals used in anything from vinyl flooring to perfume — from baby products like teething rings and toys almost 10 years ago, a new study says these potentially harmful toxins could be showing up elsewhere in your kid’s life: Macaroni and cheese. [More]


Would You Order Queso Or Frozen Margaritas At Chipotle?

Chipotle has been adding new items to its national menu at a furious pace — by the Tex-Mex chain’s standards, anyway. It has added braised tofu and chorizo as protein options in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Now, though, the chain has opened a new restaurant, Chipotle NEXT Kitchen, in New York City where you can try the company’s newest offerings before they go nationwide. [More]

Martijn Venhuizen

Dairy Industry Says 48% Of Americans Don’t Know Where Chocolate Milk Comes From

Even though the term “chocolate milk” may seem pretty self-explanatory, a large number of people apparently think there is some secret alchemy involved in brewing this mysterious elixir. [More]


France’s Cheese War Means True Camembert May Disappear Forever

First of all, nobody panic: The soft cheese you know as Camembert won’t be vanishing from grocery cases anytime soon. But its more authentic, raw milk, French cousin is facing extinction as the result of a cheese war that took place a decade ago. [More]

Danielle Scott

There’s A Reclusive Cheese Billionaire Who Built His Empire On Our Pizza Addiction

Every night, in my dreams, I’m Scrooge McDuck-ing in my own private vault, filled to the brim with not gold, but cheese, delicious cheese. This, I would like to imagine, is what the reclusive billionaire at the head of the world’s top pizza cheese company does with his free time. [More]


Raw Dairy Products Cause 840 Times More Illnesses Than Pasteurized

Unpasteurized cow’s milk — and the cheeses made from it — have a small but growing number of fans who prefer it to the pasteurized products that make up the overwhelming majority of what’s available. However, those “raw” milk products are responsible for nearly every case of dairy-related foodborne ailments in the U.S. [More]


Delta Throws Multi-Airport Pizza Party After Canceling 300 Flights Due To Weather

No one likes it when their flight gets canceled. But if there’s anything that can alleviate that annoying experience, it’s the healing power of pizza. Delta Air Lines knows this, which is why it hosted a multi-airport pizza party after canceling 300 flights. [More]

Whole Food Recalls Cheeses Linked To Two Listeria-Related Deaths

Whole Food Recalls Cheeses Linked To Two Listeria-Related Deaths

Whole Foods has expanded a recent recall of Vulto Creamery cheese products potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after health officials linked two deaths and four illnesses to the cheese made from unpasteurized raw milk. [More]


Lipari Foods And Yoke’s Fresh Market Recall Cheeses For Listeria

There’s nothing quite like a far-reaching food recall to remind us how interconnected the food system is, and how many of the products we buy are mass-manufactured elsewhere and have a local or regional retailer’s label slapped on them. Two more brands have joined the massive Listeria recall, because they were repackaged cheese blocks from Deutsch Kase Haus in Wisconsin. [More]

Sargento, MDS Foods Expand Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recalls

Sargento, MDS Foods Expand Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recalls

The possible listeria contamination affecting a number of cheese brands continues to grow, as Sargento and MDS Foods announced over the weekend the recall of more than a dozen additional products that may have come into contact with the listeria-tainted cheeses from supplier Deutsch Kase Haus.  [More]

Guggisberg Cheeses Join Listeria Contamination Recall List

Guggisberg Cheeses Join Listeria Contamination Recall List

Yet another brand of cheese has fallen victim to an ongoing listeria contamination: Guggisberg Cheese has recalled a dozen types of Colby type cheese products.  [More]

Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recall Expands To Cover Mushrooms, Other Snacks

Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recall Expands To Cover Mushrooms, Other Snacks

Just like previous recalls before it — salmonella-tainted milk powder, flour-contaminated with E. coli, and listeria-infected cookie dough — the recent listeria contamination of certain cheese from Deutsch Kase Haus has spread to include a number of companies and products, including Meijer and MDS cheese and snacks.  [More]

Possible Listeria Contamination Leads To Sargento Cheese, Taylor Farms Salad Recalls

Possible Listeria Contamination Leads To Sargento Cheese, Taylor Farms Salad Recalls

Cheese is delicious. Salad with cheese is also delicious. But Listeria is not. For that reason, Sargento has recalled seven prepackaged cheese products and Taylor Farms has recalled 6,630 pounds of pork and chicken salad products that use the affected cheese. [More]

H. Moser & Cie.

A Watch Made With Swiss Cheese Exists

There are many forms of protest out there, from songs to marches to sit-ins. But crafting a timepiece out of cheese? That’s one we’ve never heard of — until today: a Swiss watchmaker has created a watch made out of Swiss cheese as protest to show how easily the “Swiss-Made” label can be earned. [More]

Eric Spiegel

Americans Are Drinking Less Milk, But Can’t Get Enough Cheese

Over the last few decades, Americans have been drinking less milk alongside our meals. Dairy farmers aren’t worried, though, because our glasses of water, juice, or soda sit next to plates piled high with cheese. [More]

McDonald’s Serving Deep Fried Cheese Curds In Wisconsin

We hear that Wisconsin is a pretty good place to live if you like cheese, but a new local offering from McDonald’s has made it an even better one. That’s because as a limited-time offering, the fast food chain is selling deep fried cheese curds in its restaurants across the Badger State. [More]

4C Grated Cheese Recalled Because Salmonella Doesn’t Taste Great On Pasta

4C Grated Cheese Recalled Because Salmonella Doesn’t Taste Great On Pasta

Thinking of having a nice spaghetti dinner tonight? How about a few slices of cheesy pizza? If your plans also include topping those dishes with grated parmesan or romano cheese you might want to check the label, so as to make sure you’re not sprinkling salmonella on your dinner.  [More]


WI Scientists Study Important Question Of How To Keep Cheese Curds Squeaky Longer

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to pluck a Wisconsin cheese curd from the bag and pop it into your mouth*, you know how important it is to hear the cheese squeak as you chew, thus, indicating its exquisite freshness. Alas, after a day or two, the squeak — and a lot of the joy — is gone. Some intrepid scientists wanted to know: is there any way to extend the squeak so folks outside of Wisconsin can experience this wonderful feeling? [More]