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United Blames Ridiculously Cheap First-Class Fares On Software Glitch, Won’t Honor Those Tickets

Yesterday, a travel blogger figured out that by changing United Airlines’ online booking page to Denmark, travelers could take advantage of what appeared to be a crazy conversion rate to buy super cheap tickets between London and Newark. But what do they say when something seems too good to be true? Yup. It probably is: United now says it won’t be honoring those fares, blaming a third-party software provider. [More]


No, United Airlines Did Not Mean To Sell $0 To $10 Fares

It wasn’t a publicity stunt or a magic event on par with sighting a unicorn that had United Airlines offering free, $5 and $10 fares. It was just one of those things where somebody probably made a mistake and typed the wrong thing, but the truth remains that some lucky travelers were able to scoop up miraculously cheap tickets. [More]