The Limited Files For Bankruptcy, Shutters Online Store (For Now)

The Limited Files For Bankruptcy, Shutters Online Store (For Now)

The retail slaughter continues on in 2017 with its latest victim: after shutting down all 250 remaining stores Jan. 8, The Limited has filed for bankruptcy and has shuttered its online store — for now, at least. [More]

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DirectBuy Files For Bankruptcy, Lenders Will Take Over Company

You may remember DirectBuy, a store selling furniture and other items to spiff up your home that promises deep discounts to people who sign up for a pricey membership. This business model is apparently not working out for them, since the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week. [More]

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Fast-Casual Chain Cosi Declares Bankruptcy, Shutters 29 Locations

If you happen to enjoy your lunch on a salty flatbread of an afternoon, or your breakfast on a square bagel of a morning, well, we’ve got some bad news for your morning: Cosi has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and shut more than a third of its company-owned stores. [More]


Soon after former mall staple Aeropostale filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, it turned around and threw darts at one of its lenders, which it accused of working behind the scenes to force the company’s hand. [More]


Aeropostale Finally Files For Bankruptcy As Predicted, Will Close 113 U.S. Stores

Aeropostale Bankruptcy Watch is officially over, because, well, the teen apparel chain went ahead and did what everyone has been predicting for the last few weeks and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. [More]


PacSun Files For Chapter 11 With Restructuring Plan That Will Keep Stores Open

As we suspected earlier this week, ’90s mall staple Pacific Sunwear — known as PacSun to all the cool kids — has announced it’ll be filing for Chapter 11. Don’t start your teary farewell speech just yet — the company has a restructuring plan already in place to avoid liquidating its inventory, and will keep stores running throughout the process. [More]


PacSun Reportedly Preparing To File For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy rumor mill has been turning yet again, with a new report in the wind that says Pacific Sunwear — commonly known as PacSun — is preparing a Chapter 11 filing. [More]

Judge Picks American Apparel’s Bankruptcy Plan Over Founder Dov Charney’s Buyout Bid

Judge Picks American Apparel’s Bankruptcy Plan Over Founder Dov Charney’s Buyout Bid

Dov Charney’s dream of buying back the company he founded would appear to be over: a U.S. judge said he will approve American Apparel’s plant to exit bankruptcy and rejected a takeover bid from the former CEO and his financial backers. [More]

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Columbia House Improbably Still Exists, Files For Bankruptcy Protection

You might have the same reaction that we did to news that the company that owns Columbia House filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today: astonishment that it’s still in business at all. Our younger readers are probably just wondering what a “Columbia House” is. Yet the company still exists, and business isn’t quite where it was at the company’s peak in 1996. [More]

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Use Your RadioShack And Deb Gift Cards Right Now

Do you have gift cards lingering in your wallet from RadioShack or Deb? If so, put down the device you’re reading this post on and head over to the store right now to spend that card. That’s only slightly hyperbolic, but card holders will need to get to RadioShack before March 5 and to Deb before March 8 to cash in their cards before they’re worthless. [More]

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SkyMall Files For Bankruptcy Because You’re Not Buying Enough Inflatable Movie Screens

The SkyMall catalog has always been good for a chuckle when you have absolutely nothing else to read during a flight and you just can’t sleep. Some people have presumably even bought stuff through the publication, as it’s difficult to sustain a business for 25 years if the only revenue is punchlines. But apparently not enough of us are doing our inflight shopping through SkyMall, as the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. [More]

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Wet Seal Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, Shocking No One

We’ve heard the funereal bag pipes warming up over the last few months and now it’s time to play the official dirge: Wet Seal has filed for bankruptcy protection in an effort to keep what stores it has left open in business.


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Sbarro Planning To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection… Again

Like my Great Uncle Aloysius always used to say — if at first you don’t succeed at restructuring your failing pizza chain under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, try, try again. After its first round with Chapter 11 didn’t work out so well, Sbarro is reportedly planning to file for bankruptcy again. [More]


Scooter Store Files For Bankruptcy After Overbilling Medicare At Least $47 Million

If you watch daytime TV or have been stuck watching daytime TV while visiting your parents, surely you’re familiar with The Scooter Store. The power wheelchair vendor has had some trouble lately, including accusations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, a raid by the FBI, and even a lawsuit from the company’s hometown, of New Braunfels, Texas. The company laid off most of its employees, and plans to deal directly with health care providers, rather than blanketing the airwaves and selling directly to consumers.


Bankruptcy Court Signs Off On US Airways/American Merger, But Not On $20 Million Payout To Outgoing CEO

Bankruptcy Court Signs Off On US Airways/American Merger, But Not On $20 Million Payout To Outgoing CEO

Yet another hurdle in the race to the altar for American Airlines and US Airways has been cleared, with the bankruptcy court giving its blessing on the matter, but reserving judgment on a proposed $19.9 million payout to outgoing CEO Tom Horton. [More]

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To Preserve The Brand, Hostess Leaves Equity Owners Without A Twinkie To Show For Their Investment

Back in January, Hostess Brands Inc., makers of the Twinkie and lots of other snacks (but mostly the Twinkie) declared bankruptcy. Yesterday the company finally filed its plan to get out of bankruptcy, which basically amounts to telling its equity owners, “Thanks for all the money, now go away.”


Kodak Gets Out Of The Digital Camera Business

Kodak, the company whose name was once synonymous with photography, announced today that it will phase out its digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames during the first half of this year, as it fights to crawl out from under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.


Report: Kodak Prepping To File For Chapter 11

Report: Kodak Prepping To File For Chapter 11

The new year isn’t getting off to a good start for the photo folks at Eastman Kodak Co., which is reportedly preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection if it can’t unload a pile of its patents on buyers in the next few weeks.