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Passenger Rights Group Calls For Cap To Airline Change Fees For International Flights

Under certain circumstances – like significant weather events – airlines allow passengers to change their travel plans at no extra cost.But generally travelers can expect to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars to revise their travel plans. Now a group of passenger rights advocates are asking U.S. regulators to adopt a more reasonable change fee cap of $100 for international flights. [More]

Airports in the Northeast could look like this tomorrow if winter storm predictions come to fruition.

Some Airlines Prepare For Thanksgiving Snow Storm, Waive Flight Change Fees

With the first major travel day of the 2014 holiday season upon us and weather forecasters predicting significant snow across the Midwest and Northeast, some airlines are taking a proactive approach by waiving change fees for Thanksgiving travelers. [More]


Sen. Schumer Would Really Appreciate It If Airlines Could Reverse Hike In Flight Change Fees

Grumpy over those recently change fee hikes Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, U.S. Aiways and United Airlines instituted? You’re not the only one — New York Sen. Charles Schumer is in your corner. He’s asking, well, kind of demanding, that the airline industry take back those hikes  so families can afford to travel together. [More]

Get Your Airline Ticket Changed For Free Because Of Massive Midwest Storm

Get Your Airline Ticket Changed For Free Because Of Massive Midwest Storm

The Superbowl of storms is headed for the Midwest with 20″ snow and 45 mph winds predicted for Chicago. Thankfully, a lot of airlines are waiving their usual ticket change fees for travelers who could be affected. 3,000 flights have already been canceled in advance of the potentially deadly weather. Don’t go to the airport to see if you can make your flight, don’t get stuck in an airport, stay home, stay over at your friend’s house an extra day or two, and take advantage of this leniency. Here are links to the various airlines and their waiver and winter update pages and policies: [More]