What Fight Did Taco Bell Workers Win To Earn The Corporate Moniker Of “Champions”?

Ground beef splattered everywhere. Hot sauce dripping thick and red across the tiled landscape. Tortillas, once filled, lay empty on the counters. There has apparently been a taco war, and Taco Bell’s food workers and cashiers must have emerged victorious over their enemies. Otherwise, what would merit the company calling its restaurant staff “champions”? [More]

Crazy Moving Scam In San Jose Area

Crazy Moving Scam In San Jose Area

RipOffReports has two claims—one of which was also sent to us by a reader—about Champions Movers and/or A.S.A.P. Relocations of San Jose, California. Or Fremont, California. That’s part of the problem—they seem to be intentionally using a mixture of names and addresses to help hide from what’s shaping up to be a terrible reputation.

One complaint claims that in June they bumped their quote from $1,070 to $2,460 after they’d loaded up her furniture and boxes, and threatened damage to her belongings if she didn’t pay up and sign a new contract on the spot. She paid and signed, but immediately put a stop payment on the check, and she hasn’t seen her furniture since.