Karen Chappell

American Airlines CEO Says It Will Totally Match Discount Carriers’ Fares, Won’t Say How

With discount airlines expanding and competing on more of their routes, how can legacy carriers stay competitive? Their latest bid to stay ahead of discount airlines is to lower fares, including the controversial Basic Economy fares, and price-matching competitors. [More]

Mike Mozart

Intuit CEO Wants Your Taxes To Take 5 Seconds On Your Phone

If you recognize the name Intuit, you’re probably one of the 40 million people who filed returns last year using its TurboTax software. Facing competitors ranging from storefront tax preparers to free (for now) preparation through a credit report website, the company’s CEO is optimistic about the future. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Here’s How CEO Eddie Lampert Could Survive A Sears Bankruptcy Just Fine

Edward S. Lampert is the manifesto-writing chairman, CEO, and biggest shareholder of Sears Holdings. Lampert’s hedge fund keeps lending the flailing retailer money, but if the parent company of Sears and Kmart doesn’t manage to escape its death spiral, Lampert won’t lose everything. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

New Lands’ End CEO Will Pack Suitcases, Move To Wisconsin

After less than two years with mismatched CEO Federica Marchionne in charge, Lands’ End gave the former high fashion executive the (sensible, waterproof) boot back in September. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Consumer-Facing Companies Blame All Of Their Woes On Election

It’s all your fault. Yes, you, Mr. or Ms. Consumer, because you’re apparently preoccupied with the election instead of out shopping like a proper American should. How do we know this? Executives of publicly-traded companies keep getting on conference calls with analysts and journalists and saying so. [More]


That Was Quick: 6 Top CEOs Who Have Been Unceremoniously Kicked To The Curb Since 2013

Upon hearing the news this morning that American Apparel CEO Paula Schneider was resigning from her post, we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of deja vu. After all, she’s far from the first top executive to cause a stir with a sudden departure. [More]


American Apparel CEO Expected To Leave Company Next Monday

While clothing company American Apparel has survived bankruptcy and is considering outsourcing its manufacturing operations to a cheaper city than Los Angeles, it will have to do all of that under a different leader: the company’s current CEO is reportedly leaving in just over a week. The company’s chairman also left recently after just about six months in the job. [More]

The Caldor Rainbow

New Macy’s CEO Tasked With Saving Company, Entire Idea Of Department Stores

Can department stores become relevant again? Figuring that out will be the job of the next CEO of Macy’s, Jeff Gennette. He currently serves as the company’s president, and will take over as CEO in early 2017. His job will be to get the company through a tough period as middle-class shoppers seem to be questioning the whole department store business model and hitting off-price and discount stores instead. [More]


Best Buy CEO Sells Half Of His Vested Shares, Remains Totally Confident In Company

Remain calm, investors, shoppers, and employees of Best Buy. Okay, yes, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly sold half of the shares in the company that he owns that are vested and that he’s legally allowed to sell, but that’s just about his personal investment choices, not meant as a statement about the future of the company. Hey, why is the stock price falling? [More]

MIKI Yoshihito

Ralph Lauren Steps Down As CEO Of Ralph Lauren

For the first time since the company’s founding, Ralph Lauren will not be running the Ralph Lauren Corporation. The 75-year-old plans to stay on as executive chairman and maybe design some ties or something, but the new chief executive officer will be Stefan Larsson, formerly head of Gap’s Old Navy brand and of H&M. [More]

Ever had a CEO cook breakfast for you?

McDonald’s CEO Will Step Down March 1, Mayor McCheese Not Named Successor

McDonald’s announced that its CEO Don Thompson, who is not to be confused with Ron Johnson, will retire from the position as of March 1st. The current senior executive vice president and chief brand officer will take over, but what will it take for the brand to win over franchisees and younger Americans? [More]

Cruise Lines’ Problem: You Already Hate Cruises

Cruise Lines’ Problem: You Already Hate Cruises

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who take cruises, and people who have already made up their minds that they hate cruises. The CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines says that it’s his company’s job to find the people in that second category and convert them. [More]

Report: CEOs Earn 345 Times What The Average Worker Takes Home

Report: CEOs Earn 345 Times What The Average Worker Takes Home

While big businesses might be balking at performing all the supposedly complicated math it would require to figure out the ratio between what the CEO makes versus the average employee, the folks at the AFL-CIO just decided to go ahead and figure it out for them. [More]

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Here Are Your Sexiest CEO In America Tournament Finalists!

Every year, when our Worst Company in America tournament rolls around, some yaysayers wonder why we can’t make it more positive. “Where’s the Best Company in America?” they ask. Things like “good customer service” and “corporate responsibility” are important and all, but no one else is asking the real hard-hitting question: how easy are companies’ chief executives on the eyes? [More]

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes

Once again, it’s time for the annual Institute for Policy Studies report on which top CEOs are earning more money than the companies they work for are paying out to federal government in taxes. [More]

Lenovo CEO Turns Fairy Godmother, Hands Over Bonus To Employees

Lenovo CEO Turns Fairy Godmother, Hands Over Bonus To Employees

Yes, both CEOs and Lenovo are frequent targets of our posts. We generally mock CEOs for lavish pay even with dubious accomplishments, and Lenovo for a general inability to sell and support products that consumers seem to really like. Despite our branding them an anti-capitalist prank, the China-based electronics company has had a record year, and CEO Yang Yuanqing received a pretty nice bonus of $5.2 million. So he did something crazy that most of his counterparts in the US would probably never consider: he divided $3 million of that bonus up among 10,000 employees. [More]

$1.9 Million BofA CEO Made In 2010 Wasn't Enough So He Got $8.1 Million Last Year

$1.9 Million BofA CEO Made In 2010 Wasn't Enough So He Got $8.1 Million Last Year

Just as an NCAA hoops power needs a driven coach to lead the way through March Madness, a corporation seeking the Worst Company in America Golden Poo needs a CEO who manages to rake in ludicrous pay raises. [More]

Lawmakers Push For Companies To Disclose Ratio Of CEO Pay To That Of Employees

Lawmakers Push For Companies To Disclose Ratio Of CEO Pay To That Of Employees

Section 953(b) of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires publicly traded companies to disclose the ratio of CEO pay as a proportion of the median-paid employee at the firm. And yet, the Securities & Exchange Commission has yet to even propose a regulation for public comment, which would get the ball rolling on enforcing the act. So more than two dozen members of the Congress and Senate have written the SEC asking the agency to act immediately. [More]