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Got An Old Cedar Chest? Make Sure No One Can Get Locked Inside

Cedar chests are a common heirloom furniture item – maybe you inherited one from a relative, received one as a gift, or picked up one at a thrift store or estate sale. They might be the perfect place to store your winter clothes during the off-season, but chests from Lane or Virginia Maid before 1987 have a flaw: they latch automatically when the lid is closed. [More]

Some trunks, like the 12 million recalled Lane cedar chests (above), can lock automatically upon closing and only be opened from the outside.

Death Of Siblings Is Tragic Reminder To Check Trunks & Chests For Potential Traps

As much as an old trunk or hope chest can look nice in your living room, it can also be a potential hazard for children if there is no way to open it from the inside. Yesterday, a young brother and sister in Massachusetts died at their home after becoming trapped inside a hope chest in their home. [More]