Stephen Colbert Weighs In On Botulism, Chinese Poison Train, Subprime Lending

Who’s reading us now? Stephen Colbert weighs in on a bunch of Consumerist topics with more gravitas than we can muster ourselves. Sorry we missed the whole “dentist puts boar tusks in your mouth while you’re anesthetized” story. We’ll try to do better next time.

Walmart Sells Can Included In Botulism Recall

Walmart Sells Can Included In Botulism Recall

An article from the Hattiesburg American claims a Mississippi women bought a recalled can of hot dog chili sauce (the same product that has sickened 4 people with botulism) at a Walmart after the recall had been announced on July 19th, but before it had been widely publicized in the newspapers.

Hey, Let's Not Die Of Botulism From Eating Recalled Food

Hey, Let's Not Die Of Botulism From Eating Recalled Food

A reader who works at a health department has asked Consumerist to remind everyone to search their cabinets, their friend’s cabinets, the cabinets at their church and the cabinets of any kitchens at work for products included in the botulism recall.

Cans Infected With Botulism Are Exploding!

Cans Infected With Botulism Are Exploding!

Remember the botulism recall? The infected cans are now exploding, according to the FDA.

Recalls: Dog Food and Chili Recalled From Same Manufacturer

Recalls: Dog Food and Chili Recalled From Same Manufacturer

We’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that canned chili and dog food were one and the same. Adding fuel to that fire, Connors Bros and Castleberry’s expanded a recall of their pet and human foods after the canned meat products were found to contain botulism. The FDA has announced that four people have already taken ill. Here’s hoping they were eating the chili, and not the dog food.