More Companies Turn To Mandatory Arbitration: CreditKarma, Redbox, Kitty Bed Maker

More Companies Turn To Mandatory Arbitration: CreditKarma, Redbox, Kitty Bed Maker

People in a wide variety of circumstances, from drivers signing up to work for Uber to senior citizens entering a nursing home, sign mandatory binding arbitration agreements. Two popular online services have recently started to require that customer disputes go to arbitration, and a reader sent along a product purchased online — a cat bed — that came with a arbitration agreement of its own. [More]


Report: Apple Taking A Big Step Back From Electric Car Plans

A little over a year ago, Apple was speeding up its quest to join the electric car market, announcing that it hoped to have a vehicle ready by 2019. Fast forward to today, and the company is reportedly putting the brakes on that plan. [More]

The 1976 AMC Pacer From Wayne’s World Could Be Yours

The 1976 AMC Pacer From Wayne’s World Could Be Yours

If you’ve ever sung your heart out to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” but felt like something was missing, you’re in luck: the baby blue 1976 AMC Pacer driven by Garth in Wayne’s World is now for sale (licorice dispenser not included). [More]


GM President: You Won’t Have Your Own Self-Driving Car Right Away

People looking ahead to the future of automobiles realize that car ownership might not work the same way in the near future as car ownership now. Cars with semi-autonomous features like emergency braking and adaptive cruise control are common, and autonomous cars and trucks will available to the public soon. You’ll just be hailing one before you buy one, at least if you want a car from General Motors. [More]


Volvo Planning To Sell A Fully Self-Driving Car In 5 Years

Another day, another major auto manufacturer announcing plans for a self-driving vehicle: this time it’s Volvo, which says it will offer a fully autonomous car to luxury buyers in five years. [More]


Google Self-Driving Car Involved In Another Crash

One of Google’s self-driving vehicles has been involved in another crash while cruising the streets of Mountain View, CA, the company confirmed, after another driver ran a red light and crashed into the Lexus RX 450h. [More]

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UPDATE: McLaren Says It’s Not Talking About Selling Itself To Apple

Well, that was quick: shortly after a report from the Financial Times hit the news cycle today saying that Apple was in talks to buy McLaren, the automaker says that’s not happening. [More]

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Aimed At Preventing Hot Car Deaths

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Aimed At Preventing Hot Car Deaths

In an effort to keep children from dying in hot cars, three lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require car manufacturers to integrate technology capable of warning adults that there’s still a child in the backseat. [More]

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New Car Infotainment Systems Will Cost You Once Free Trial Is Up

It used to be that your new car came with two infotainment systems: a radio and a tape or CD player. (8-tracks were briefly a thing, too, though record players in cars didn’t quite catch on.) Now even basic-model cars come with complex infotainment systems, but they also come with a catch: subscriptions to services that you’ll have to renew if you decide to keep them. [More]

Amazon Wants To Show You Cars Online, But Won’t Actually Sell One To You

Amazon Wants To Show You Cars Online, But Won’t Actually Sell One To You

In yet another effort to strengthen its grip on e-commerce and infiltrate shoppers’ lives even more deeply, has just launched a new online car-browsing tool. [More]

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Don’t Waste Your Time Sending These Ideas To Ford

We’ve all been there: you’re in your car, driving along, when you’re suddenly struck with an idea for an insanely awesome invention that could totally change the way you and the rest of the world drive. That’s great, and Ford wants you to send it some of those ideas, but others, well, it’s heard’em before. [More]


Uber Reportedly Shrugs Off Idea Of Acquiring Lyft

With reports circulating that ride-hailing service Lyft may be looking to sell itself, it makes sense to think of Uber, its most prominent competitor, as a potential buyer. However, it seems very unlikely that regulators would allow this merger, or that Uber is even interested. [More]

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New Audi Technology Will Tell Drivers Exactly When The Light Will Change

Anyone who’s ever been in a hurry to get somewhere and found themselves stuck at a traffic light knows that waiting for it to turn from red to green can feel like an eternity. Audi wants to get rid of that feeling with new technology that lets drivers know exactly when that light will change. [More]

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Ford Teams Up With Jose Cuervo To Make Car Parts From Tequila Byproduct

Mixing cars and booze is a bad idea, but Ford and tequila giant Jose Cuervo are unlikely partners thanks to a new venture that hopes to make plastic car parts from materials left over from the tequila making process. [More]


U.S. Now Has Highest Death Rate For Car Crashes Among Comparable Countries

The motor vehicle death rate in the U.S. has dropped 31% since 2000, which may sound impressive until you see that these deaths dropped by an average of 56% in 19 other comparable countries during the same period of time, leaving America as the country with the highest vehicle crash death rate among these high-income nations. [More]

Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Can Be Used Like A Boat For “Short Periods Of Time”

Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Can Be Used Like A Boat For “Short Periods Of Time”

It’s a car, it’s a boat… it’s a Tesla? Should Model S owners ever find themselves in a suddenly wet situation, Tesla CEO says not to worry — the cars can basically turn into a boat for a little bit when you need them to. [More]


Sears Expanding DieHard Brand With Foray Into The Car Tire Business

After hinting that it would be exploring unnamed options for getting more out of some of its signature house brands, Sears has announced that it will be expanding DieHard’s reach in the automotive market by selling passenger-car tires under the brand. [More]

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Tesla Opens A ‘Boutique’ Inside A Nordstrom Store

This weekend, electric car maker Tesla will open its latest showroom in California in an unexpected place: inside a Nordstrom department store. Sure, there are Tesla stores in malls, but a mini-store that sells actual cars inside a department store is a new development. Even if the store doesn’t actually sell any cars. [More]