“Candy” Tastes Sweetest For Its New Trademark Owner

The mobile game hit du jour just got a new feature: extra trademark protection. The US Patent and Trademark office last week awarded King, makers of smash game Candy Crush Saga, a trademark on the word “candy.”



Comfort Food Crime Wave Is Back: $362,000 Worth Of Candy Disappears

In spring of last year, comforting, tasty foods began to disappear by the truckload. Soup, hamburgers, Nutella: all stolen. Consumerist developed a theory. What if these crimes were the work of a syndicate of well-traveled, resourceful, and extremely hungry thieves? After laying dormant for most of 2013, the Comfort Food Criminals are back. [More]

Giant M&M’s Coming For People Who Need Triple Chocolate

Giant M&M’s Coming For People Who Need Triple Chocolate

Do you enjoy M&M’s, but find that they just don’t contain enough chocolate? We’re pretty sure that no one has ever had that problem, but M&M’s/Mars has solved it anyway with the creation of M&M’s Mega. Each candy has three times as much chocolate as a regular M&M, coated with the traditional candy shell. [More]

It’s About Time Candy Crush Made Real Candy You Can Actually Crush With Your Mouth

When I see a game like Candy Crush filled with images of delicious, multi-colored candy flying all over the place, shining bright like little sugar sirens, it’s totally unfair that the candy can’t leap off the screen and go in my mouth. That’s the kind of game I prefer. Now that there’s actual Candy Crush to eat, you can skip the game and go right to the sweet stuff. [Candy Industry]

We Can’t Decide If These Halloween Candy Monster Portraits Make Us Hungry Or Scared

We Can’t Decide If These Halloween Candy Monster Portraits Make Us Hungry Or Scared

Candy and Halloween go together like, well, candy and Halloween. Whether you like getting the butternuts startled out of you at haunted houses or by watching scary movies when the moon is full and you can just imagine the delicious terror of seeing Frankstein’s monster lumber around the corner, you’re probably also just as excited for the candy avalanche that ensues every All Hallow’s Eve. Either way, artist Eric Millikin has got you covered. [More]

Christmas Is Coming, In The Form Of Gingerbread-Flavored Stuff

Christmas Is Coming, In The Form Of Gingerbread-Flavored Stuff

You can tell when fall is at hand, because items with pumpkin spice flavoring begin to fill store shelves. While retail has many other more obvious symbols of impending Christmas, one fits the theme of sweets flavored to taste like other things: gingerbread. No, not gingerbread cookies. Other things that are flavored to taste like gingerbread.  [More]


Pumpkin Spice M&Ms Exist, Mostly Taste Like Chocolate

Ten years ago, Starbucks introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte, starting a trend and sending the nation into a frenzy of unbridled pumpkin lust. Pumpkin beer? Pumpkin spice Pringles? It seems like everything has been pumpkin-ified. Everything except hard-shelled chocolate candies. Until now. Pumpkin spice M&Ms have arrived. [More]

With Bacon And M&Ms, Resort Makes Couple Feel At Home

With Bacon And M&Ms, Resort Makes Couple Feel At Home

When making a hotel reservation online, there’s a box where you can type in any special requests you have for your stay. Do you need down-free pillows? A cot, if the hotel doesn’t charge extra for them? You could ask there. One vacationing Redditor, though, took the opportunity to see whether anyone reads that box at all.  [More]

Palmer Candy Company Takes Fresh Chocolates Very, Very Seriously

Palmer Candy Company Takes Fresh Chocolates Very, Very Seriously

The Twin Bing Bar has nothing to do with search engines or browser toolbars, but is a candy bar only available regionally in parts of the Midwest. Reader Matt tells us that we should be very sad about that, because it’s a delicious treat that everyone should get to try. He picked one up at a gas station, and was disappointed: it was stale. He was so disappointed that he contacted the company, and received a whole box of candies for his trouble. [More]

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Study Funded By Candy Trade Group Says Eating Candy Often Won’t Definitely Make You Fat

Has anyone invented a time machine so I can go back to all those occasions when my parents informed me that I couldn’t have candy for dinner because it’s not good for you? I need to tell them all about the results of this fascinating new study funded by the National Confectioners Association which says that eating candy frequently is totally cool and probably won’t result in pesky side effects like “elevated waist circumference.”


Irish Snack Fans Can’t Get Enough Cheese And Onion Potato Chip-Flavored Chocolate Bars

Irish Snack Fans Can’t Get Enough Cheese And Onion Potato Chip-Flavored Chocolate Bars

Even though this is America, we are not the top country as far as wacky and amazing snack foods go. No, that would probably be Japan. But Ireland is making a serious run at the title, since their citizens are currently going mad for chocolate bars flavored with bits of cheese and onion potato chips. [More]

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“Let’s Read” And 8 Other Retired Sayings Your Sweetheart Candies Won’t Say Today

While we’re unsure if anyone has secured a promise of love or even a date by way of candy heart in the 147 years since Sweetheart candies have been around, we are pretty darn certain that such a thing has never been accomplished via fax. Which is why the makers of the iconic heart candies, Necco, has retired plenty of sayings in the past. Somehow “FAX ME,” “LET’S READ” and “YOU ARE GAY” failed to inspire romantic ardor, it seems. [More]

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Man Who Reported Defective Candy 60 Years Ago Finally Gets Replacement Salted Nut Rolls

For anyone who’s complained to a company about a faulty product and never had the sweet sense of resolution, just be patient. It might take 60 years, as one Minnesota man found out decades after writing to a candy company about a defective Salted Nut Roll candy bar. There’s a maxim for this and it goes something like, “if at first you don’t succeed in getting replacement candy, try again decades later.” [More]


City Government Busts Old-Timey Soda Fountain For Selling Old-Timey Candy Cigarettes

As a child of the ’80s raised by a pair of reformed smokers, I never had candy cigarettes. They weren’t common when I was growing up, and even if they had been, I wouldn’t have been allowed to have them. You may be surprised to learn that they still exist. Until recently, you could buy them at a retro old-timey soda fountain in St. Paul, Minnesota. Until Big Government swooped in and told the owner that the candy cigs had to go, because they’re illegal.


How jolly.

Perhaps You Need A Jolly Rancher-Scented Jar Candle

There’s something very distinctive about the artificial watermelon flavor of Jolly Ranchers. It’s distinctive, and somehow defines fake watermelon without tasting very much like a real-life watermelon at all. Also, my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Now you can fill your home with that aroma, if that’s something that it had ever occurred to you to do. It’s all thanks to the Jolly Rancher scented jar candle. Which it probably had never occurred to you even existed, or had a reason to. [More]


Spangler Candy Company Delights Autistic Child, Comforts Struggling Family

At this time of year, Spangler may be best known for their candy canes, but they’re also the company behind cheap, tiny, flavorful Dum Dums lollipops. Normally, these candies come in a large bag of assorted flavors, which the discerning candy-eater will then paw through to find the cream soda-flavored ones. What you may not know is that at the company’s web site, you can find tubs of single flavors. When Rebecca learned this, she ordered up a few for her son, who is autistic and has obsessive-compulsive disorder. A single container of his favorite flavor? Perfect for him. Rebecca wrote to the company to tell them how happy this product made her son. Then they wrote back. [More]

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Parents Find Out The Hard Way That Yes, A Kid Can Blow Your Life Savings On Candy

As a kid, I used to dream of taking a wad of cash — maybe even $100! — and blowing it all on candy. Chocolate, gummies, lollipops, Bit-O-Honey, whathaveyou. But a nine-year-old boy in the Ukraine had far loftier goals in mind. He got his candy-loving hands on his parents’ life savings and blew the whole thing on a sweet spree. [More]

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Kids Will Gorge Themselves On Anywhere From 3,500 To 7,000 Calories This Halloween

When you’re a kid at Halloween it’s like, “Calories? What’s a calorie? Sounds boring. I’m going to put more Reese’s in my mouth now.” Even if kids aren’t aware of what they’re ingesting, the reality is there’s a lot going into their young systems: The average child will eat 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats on Halloween night. That explains the sugar-fueled laps I used to run around our house after trick-or-treating. [More]