Kill Off Your Online Identities With The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

Kill Off Your Online Identities With The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

Supposedly the most depressing day of the year is just a few weeks away, and that sucks. But if you off yourself, you can’t drink, so it’s a conundrum. What you can do is use the website to remove yourself from unnecessary social media sites that either you’ve stopped using or don’t really enjoy anymore.


Why Is It So Hard To Cancel Your EFax Account?

Why Is It So Hard To Cancel Your EFax Account?

In Slate today, Timothy Noah describes his hour-long ordeal to cancel the eFax account he never uses anymore. If you’ve ever tried to cancel an online service, you probably already know how this story goes: it was impossible to find a “cancel my account” link anywhere on the site, support numbers were no help, and a scripted service rep tried to shove an extension on him instead of simply providing customer support.

Former Elite AOL Retainer Interviewed

Former Elite AOL Retainer Interviewed

Tricks an AOL retainer used to keep people from cancelling:

We Interview Vincent Ferrari, AOL Canceller

Vincent Ferrari was nice enough to come down to Gawker HQ and answer a few questions about his ordeal, AOL and what’s next for our famous AOL canceller. He may have been nice on national broadcast, but we get him to open up and talk a lil’ smack-a-roony. Plus, he’s got some things up his sleeve that might put the hurt on AOL even more so than his Dear John call…

AOL After the Storm

AOL After the Storm

Now that AOL has weathered the Vincent Ferrari storm, what’s it like to cancel? Has anything changed? Are the reps more courteous? Do they tell you bedtime stories over the phone?

AOL Canceler on CNN, For Reals This Time

Vincent Ferrari may not have hit prime-time on CNN last night, but his clip yukking it up with Jeanee Moos has made its way to the net. Here’s a ghetto screen capture:

Dead Defeat AOL

Dead Defeat AOL Still Auto-Renewing, Still Defeatable Still Auto-Renewing, Still Defeatable

A Phillies fan, Loretta signed up for so she could follow her team after moving to Florida. She did not want to renew but found had courteously done that for her, without asking or warning. She called customer service who kept saying they would refund it, but then changed their story and said her grace period was up.