If You Get Caught Joining Mile-High Club, Don’t Kick The Officer Who Arrests You

If You Get Caught Joining Mile-High Club, Don’t Kick The Officer Who Arrests You

We’ve never really considered a crowded plane to be the most conducive setting for amorous adventures, but maybe we’re just being square. We also use the term square, so that might be your answer right there. Regardless, we’re not the ones facing criminal charges after allegedly engaging in a public sex act then assaulting the officer who arrested us. [More]

Personal Grooming Is Easy, But Math Is Difficult

Personal Grooming Is Easy, But Math Is Difficult

Usually, buying in bulk saves you money. Buying a larger container or multi-pack boosts sales numbers and lowers prices for consumers. This makes perfect sense…until it doesn’t. Just ask these readers, who had to give a few seconds of serious thought to the pricing of their personal care items while shopping recently. [More]

IKEA Now Denies Claims Of Breastfeeding Mom Who Says She Was Called “Disgusting”

IKEA Now Denies Claims Of Breastfeeding Mom Who Says She Was Called “Disgusting”

Last week, we told you about IKEA apologizing to a mom in Ottawa, Canada, who claimed that an employee at the store told her she was being “disgusting” while she nursed her daughter and allegedly told her to “take it to the bathroom.” But now, IKEA is saying that after reviewing in-store footage from the day in question, it found no evidence that the customer was even nursing. [More]

KFC Big Boss Is A Big Mac Clone With Two Giant Chicken Filets

KFC Big Boss Is A Big Mac Clone With Two Giant Chicken Filets

Okay, double-decker burgers are nothing new. Chicken patty sandwiches are nothing new either. Big Mac clones are nothing new. Heck, even wacky fast food genre-bending creations from KFC are nothing new. Yet we’re fascinated with this new offering from KFC, the Big Boss. It’s exactly like the Big Mac, but with fried chicken filets instead of beef burgers. Unfortunately, you can only get it in Canada. [More]

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À-La-Carte Cable Is Here, And By “Here” We Mean “Canada”

Last summer, we shared with you the potentially exciting news that regulators in Canada were pushing telecoms there toward offering more à la carte cable options: the wacky concept of letting customers choose and pay for the stations they want. In real life, what that meant was that unbundled cable channels could come to our northern neighbo(u)rs. That reality is now here…sort of. [More]

Theater Chain Selling Movie Ticket/Digital Download Bundles

Theater Chain Selling Movie Ticket/Digital Download Bundles

Part of what makes the cost of a movie so unattractive to some consumers is the fact that you can only see the movie once (unless you go hopping from theater to theater, which we most certainly would never, ever advocate as a good way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon). Meanwhile, for about the price of two tickets, you can own an HD digital copy of the movie to watch repeatedly. That’s why one theater chain is selling bundles that combine movie tickets with digital downloads at a later date. [More]

Retail Nightmare Before Christmas Reaches Pier One, Canadian Walmart

Retail Nightmare Before Christmas Reaches Pier One, Canadian Walmart

In the classic animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the Pumpkin King learns about Christmas and convinces the other scary creatures of Halloween Town to take over the holiday. In the North American retail Nightmare Before Christmas, retailers begin to set out Christmas merchandise as soon as the school supplies are off the shelves. [More]


Target Expands To Canada, No One Really Likes It

Target opened its first stores in Canada earlier this year and plans to take over some now-closed Zellers locations. Now that it’s about six months into their tenure north of the border, how are they doing? Canadians aren’t really warming to Target, as it turns out. [More]


Trader Joe’s Sues Owner Of Store In Canada That Sells Only Trader Joe’s Items

Trader Joe’s has made it known that they want one of their best customers to stay away. That’s because he isn’t buying thousands of dollars’ worth of gluten-free granola and chocolate-covered potato chips for his household in Canada: he’s hauling them across the border to sell at his own shop, called Pirate Joe’s, at higher prices. [More]

Ex Walmart Worker Says She Was Fired For Telling Police About Dog Stuck In Hot Truck

Ex Walmart Worker Says She Was Fired For Telling Police About Dog Stuck In Hot Truck

A woman in Ontario, Canada, says she was fired from her job at Walmart earlier this week because she called the police on a customer who had left his dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up — and after she told her boss she’d do it again. [More]


Lottery Winner Grabs Burger In Canadian Midwest, Leaves $10,000 Tip

Passing through Saskatchewan, a man from British Columbia, Canada happened to stop in a little restaurant to grab a burger. The visitor wrote a $10,000 check and told the restaurant owner to take his bill out of that and keep the rest. Was it some kind of scam? No, just a very generous lottery winner. [More]


Wendy’s Eatery Stops Serving 9-Patty ‘T-Rex Burger’ After World Finds Out About It

A Wendy’s restaurant outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has apparently been selling a 9-patty “T-Rex” burger to customers for several years, but shortly after the rest of the world got wind of it, the T-Rex has been made extinct. [More]

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Air Canada Rouge Flight Attendants: Hipsters Of The Skies

Air Canada’s new discount carrier, Air Canada Rouge, bills itself as a “new stylishly affordable leisure airline.” Rouge introduced its new uniforms to the flying public this week, and they’re very versatile. Flight attendants can wear them from work to a concert to picking out artisanal marshmallows at the local farmer’s market. They make the flight attendants look like hipsters, is what I’m saying. [More]

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Don’t Buy Computers Off Craigslist When The Seller Has Suddenly Left For Toronto

Z. found a great deal on an Asus notebook computer on his local Craigslist in Florida. “I am now in Toronto,” the seller explained before going through with the transaction. Z. and his mom ignored every anti-scam warning posted on Craigslist, and just sort of assumed that this meant the seller was on a trip to Toronto and had taken the computer with her. Z. is underage, and his mom used Western Union to wire the money. They waited. No computer came.


We believe this Best Buy in Toronto is still open, but if anyone wants to send us pics of a shuttered store, e-mail them to

Best Buy & Future Shop Suddenly Shut Down A Bunch Of Canadian Stores Today

UPDATE: Best Buy Canada has posted a list of Best Buy and Future Shop stores that are closing in Canada. [More]

Gallant describes the visual style of his game by saying, "Terrible art conveys a terrible work environment."

Call Service Employee Creates Game About Daily Frustrations Of His Job, No Longer Has That Job After Bosses Find Out

Late last year, a customer service rep for the Canada Revenue Agency launched a game titled “I Get This Call Every Day” that lets players experience the frustration of working in a call center. But now he no longer has to fret about this problem, as he’s without that day job. [More]


All Maple Trees Are Not The Same: Botanists Say Canada’s New Currency Features Wrong Leaf

Canada is having a rough go of this whole “print new money and make sure it won’t melt” thing already, and now it sounds like there’s even more currency confusion. Botanists up north are claiming that the government put the wrong dang maple leaf on the country’s new polymer bills — a Norway maple leaf instead of the native Canadian maple. Ruh-roh. [More]

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Still Want Twinkies? Move To Canada

Like walking through the wardrobe to Narnia, crossing the border into Canada transports you into a land where Twinkies and Wonder Bread are in full supply, without any imminent fear of vanishing. [More]