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How A Small Nebraska Town Figures Into The Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops Deal

Some companies have distinct ties to their geographical roots, whether it’s Walmart and Bentonville, L.L.Bean and Maine, Hershey and, well.. Hershey, or Cabela’s and the small Nebraska city of Sidney. But now that the outdoor goods retailer has been snapped up by Bass Pro Shops for $5.5 billion, what will happen to this town of around 7,000 people?

Nicholas Eckhart

Bass Pro Shops Reels In Cabela’s For $5.5 Billion

A year chock-full of mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies in consumer-facing businesses is chalking up another deal. This time, it’s the realm of the outdoors: Bass Pro Shops is dropping several billion dollars to snap up competitor Cabela’s. [More]

Cyndi Beane Henry

Report: Bass Pro Partnering With Goldman Sachs To Acquire Rival Cabela’s

The same day that the dire fates of Sport Chalet and Sports Authority give us reason to ponder the state of the sporting goods industry, we have news of more possible changes in this niche retail market: Outdoor goods giant Bass Pro is reportedly looking to buy rival Cabela’s.  [More]


Report: Bass Pro Shops Considers Acquiring Cabela’s

If you’re not an outdoorsy type, it’s understandable that you might think Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops are the same store. They’re both big-box stores that are almost more of a tourist destination than a place to shop. Maybe you won’t have to stop and figure out what the difference is: the privately held Bass Pro Shops is considering taking over its publicly traded rival. [More]

May Recall Roundup – Watch Out For The Jerky Blaster

May Recall Roundup – Watch Out For The Jerky Blaster

“What on earth is a jerky blaster?” you may be asking. It’s a product sold by outdoor outfitter Cabela’s that lets you make your own jerky sticks at home, and it functions sort of like a caulk gun for meat. It’s been recalled because its charger might overheat, and so have a lot of other things. [More]


March Recall Roundup: This Garlic Slicer Prefers Human Fingers

In this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, crossbows fire at will, snorkeling masks buckle under pressure, and garlic slicers are out to slice your fingers instead. [More]


How Online Price-Matching Would Work In The Best Of All Possible Worlds

When readers write to us to complain about their experiences with in-store pickup, they’re measuring what actually happened against a sort of retail Platonic ideal. “This item has a different price on your website, retailer!” they expect to say at the register. “You are correct, good sir; let me give you that better price,” the cashier should say, pressing a magical “savvy Internet reader” button on the cash register that unlocks those prices. Alas, this doesn’t happen. Or does it? [More]

Someone At Cabela's Doesn't Know How To Use The Bcc Button, Exposes Hundreds Of E-Mail Addresses

Someone At Cabela's Doesn't Know How To Use The Bcc Button, Exposes Hundreds Of E-Mail Addresses

Outdoorsy retailer Cabela’s managed to irk a number of its online customers twice in the last day. The first involves posting a product with a glaring pricing mistake; the second instance came when it e-mailed all the customers who had tried to take advantage of the error — and revealed all of their e-mail addresses to everyone else on the message.


Cabela's Hooks Me Up With Out-Of-Warranty Replacement Gun

Cabela's Hooks Me Up With Out-Of-Warranty Replacement Gun

A couple months after Jon bought a gun from Cabela’s, the finish started wearing off. Since he’d fired the gun several times, Jon said he’d rendered it ineligible for return. The manufacturer wanted to charge him $100 to refinish the firearm, so Jon took it back to Cabela’s, where a manager replaced the gun.