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NYC Cabbie’s License Suspended After Video Appears To Show Him Pulling Pregnant Passenger From His Car

A New York City cab driver has had his license suspended after a pregnant woman accused him of pulling her from his vehicle during a payment dispute. She says the alleged incident caused her to go into labor five weeks early. [More]


Passenger Tips Philly Cab Driver Almost $1,000 For A Two-Minute Trip

It’s a dream come true for anyone who depends largely the generosity of others to make a living — land a huge tip for a small or otherwise not difficult job, and walk away happy. But one Philadelphia cab driver was so shocked by an almost $1,000 tip for a two-minute that he was more worried the passenger had made a mistake than he was excited about his windfall, at first. [More]


Taxi Drivers Muck Up Traffic In European Streets To Protest Uber

Traditional taxi cab drivers in Europe have apparently found a natural enemy in Uber, the seem to have found a natural enemy in Uber, the on-demand car service connected to a smartphone app. In protest against their rivals, hundreds of taxi drivers clogged up traffic in the streets of London, Paris, Berlin and more. [More]

Louisiana, Where Killing A Cab Driver “May” Be Considered Murder

Louisiana, Where Killing A Cab Driver “May” Be Considered Murder

Usually when you see signs reminding people of penalties for crimes, it’s because a particular offense carries with it a harsher-than-usual penalty — “Fines Doubled In Work Zone,” “Assaulting a Transit Employee is a Felony,” “Failure to Follow Cabin Crew’s Instructions May Result in Arrest”… that kind of thing. But the wording on one sign in Louisiana makes us wonder how little the folks of that state value taxi drivers. [More]

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Seattle May Leave Hygiene Standards To Cab Drivers Instead Of Dictating Cleanliness Rules

The city of Seattle currently regulates the dress code and hygiene of its cab drivers — setting standards such as an “absence of offensive body odor” and “well groomed” facial hair, with clean clothing that doesn’t have unrepaired rips and tears. But the city is now considering handing those requirements over to the drivers themselves. After all, they’re adults who don’t want to scare away business with bad B.O., say some drivers, who believe it should be up to the cab companies to regulate such things. [More]

Cab Driver Locks Doors, Holds Passenger Hostage For Trying To Pay With Credit Card

Cab Driver Locks Doors, Holds Passenger Hostage For Trying To Pay With Credit Card

There’s a driver for Pittsburgh Yellow Cab Company who doesn’t like it when you try to pay with a Discover card, even though the company’s website says they accept it. When Adam tried this, the driver accused him of trying to avoid paying, then locked the doors and initially refused to let him go to an ATM 15 feet away unless he left all of his belongings behind. While Adam called the cab company to complain (he was routed to a voicemail inbox), the driver called the police. Twice. [More]

If You Don't Tip Your Cabbie, You Might Get Held Hostage

If You Don't Tip Your Cabbie, You Might Get Held Hostage

We know that tipping is a touchy topic, but a cab driver in New Orleans appears to have gone a teensy-weensy bit too far in his attempt to wrest a 10% tip from his passenger and he’s now facing charges of extortion, simple assault and false imprisonment. [More]

Minneapolis Solves Anti-Alcohol Cabbie Problem

Minneapolis Solves Anti-Alcohol Cabbie Problem

Over the last few-years, Minneapolis’ St. Paul International Airport has had a problem: the cabbies waiting to shuttle off passengers outside have invoked the Koran whenever they spotted a bottle of wine or Duty-Free booze, refusing to carry the passengers.