Fujoshi Bijou

Is Sustainable The New Organic For Cotton?

Pick out any shirt from your closet and you’ll like find cotton listed as a material used in its production. While you generally find the words “organic” and “sustainable” littering the aisles of your local grocery store, those buzzwords are now finding their way to retailer shelves.  [More]

The Kola Nuthouse. Excuse me, Kola House.

A List of Corporate Buzzwords From Pepsi’s Announcement Of Its Artisanal Cocktail Space

Do you have a hole in the heart that’s shaped like artisanal drinks made from a kola nut and peddled by a soda company that knows how to use all the coolest corporate buzzwords? You’re in luck! Pepsi is opening the country’s first “experimental kola bar, restaurant, lounge, and event space” in New York City. From the sound of the company’s press release, it’s where buzzwords go to die. [More]

HD Sunglasses Use The Power Of Stupidity To Increase Real World Resolution

HD Sunglasses Use The Power Of Stupidity To Increase Real World Resolution

Did you know your eyes have probably been viewing things in only 480 vertical lines of resolution? Thankfully someone out there isn’t as stupid as the rest of us, and realized that if our television sets can be upgraded to HD, so can our eyeballs. At least they can with the help of these special sunglasses.