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Got $3.8M To Spare? You Can Buy The House Chipotle’s Founder Built With Burrito Money

It took a whole lot of burritos and guacamole (which costs extra) to build Chipotle founder Steve Ells’ house, but if you’ve got about $4 million just collecting dust in your bank account, his former Denver home can be yours. [More]

Chipotle Now Giving Away Free Booze At Some Midwest Locations

Chipotle Now Giving Away Free Booze At Some Midwest Locations

Free burritos, a loyalty program, and constant reassurances that its food is safe hasn’t exactly been enough for Chipotle to win back customers following very public foodborne illness outbreaks. Now the fast-casual restaurant is taking another approach to bringing customers in the door: giving out free booze — at least in the Midwest.  [More]

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Polls Show Chipotle’s Customers Still Haven’t All Come Back

Burrito eatery Chipotle needs something very important to recover financially from its recent food safety crisis: it needs all of its customers to come back, and keep coming back. Since eradicating foodborne pathogens from its restaurants, Chipotle has tried offering everyone free burritos, buy-one-get-one promotions, and a loyalty program to bring customers in. It’s sort of working. [More]


Chipotle Adding Spicy Chorizo To The Menu So Customers Forget About All That Other Stuff

In the more than 20 years that it’s been in business, Chipotle hasn’t changed its menu very much. That’s why it’s notable that the burrito eatery is slowly rolling out a new protein, just over two years after introducing braised tofu that they had to bribe everyone to try. Only a few select markets get to try the new chorizo for now, though. [More]

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Everyone Still Loves Chick-Fil-A; Chipotle, Not So Much

There’s good news out there for most of the big restaurant and fast-food chains: customers who like them, continue to like them, and overall find everything about their experiences to be entirely satisfactory.



7-Eleven Testing Delivery Service Because Fetching Your Own Microwaved Burritos Is So 2014

Sometimes the Slurpee machine is just… too… far… away. Am I right? Sure, because otherwise why would 7-Eleven be testing a delivery service? Yes, that is a thing that is happening, as we have become a people who can’t even be bothered to microwave our own burritos.


It’s Finally Happening: Newest Unicode Update Includes Emojis For Tacos, Hot Dogs And Cheese (!)

It’s Finally Happening: Newest Unicode Update Includes Emojis For Tacos, Hot Dogs And Cheese (!)

If you’ve been wondering how you’ve survived without an emoji to adequately express your love of cheese in graphic form, wonder no more: The newest Unicode update includes a slew of new food emojis the public has been clamoring for, including a cheese wedge, a taco and a hot dog.


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Chipotle Testing Chorizo Protein Option On Menus In Kansas City

Although Chipotle just released a new menu item last fall in the form of its vegan tofu sofritas protein offering, it seems the chain is considering debuting another new option — chorizo. The chain is currently testing the ground chicken and pork sausage in all of its 33 Kansas City, MO locations starting today.


Taco Bell Tests Return Of Beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito

Taco Bell Tests Return Of Beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito

The Beefy Crunch Burrito is a Taco Bell menu item that periodically reappears on the menu. It has developed a cult following because of these sporadic appearances, sort of like the McRib. Now it’s part of a “throwback burrito” promotion that the chain is testing in Louisville, which is how we learned of the strange subculture obsessed with this product. [More]

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Pennsylvania Chipotle Workers Walk Out, Sign Alleges “Sweatshop Conditions”

It’s not clear what happened at the Chipotle restaurant in State College, Pennsylvania, but we do know some things. The restaurant was closed for several hours this morning and afternoon. At first, all that aspiring burrito-eaters knew was that the store was closed. A sign in the window claimed that most of the employees had quit in protest of “borderline sweatshop conditions,” so the shop had to close. [More]


Taco Bell, Where A “Lifetime Of Food” Costs Just $10,000

What would you say if someone told you the rest of your meals for your entire life were covered? Great, right? But could you buy a “lifetime” of food for $10,000? Maybe at Taco Bell, as the chain’s new “Eleven Everlasting Dollars” contest claims each winner will win free Taco Bell food for life.


Gas Leak At Frozen Burrito Company Leads To Sick Workers, Fart Jokes

Gas Leak At Frozen Burrito Company Leads To Sick Workers, Fart Jokes

A gas leak and carbon monoxide poisoning in the workplace are not at all funny, and we’re glad to hear that workers at Evol in Boulder, Colorado are all okay after they had to evacuate their building. It turned out that the building had dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas inside because of an unnoticed feature of some of the company’s equipment. [More]

This Is What It Looks Like When Tiny Hamsters Meet Tiny Burritos

This Is What It Looks Like When Tiny Hamsters Meet Tiny Burritos

Stop whatever you’re doing because it’s probably not nearly as fun as watching small rodents nibble on small food items. Also it’s Wednesday, it’s raining everywhere, burritos are delicious and we all need this. [More]

This man and his burrito were not involved. (

Punching A Guy In The Head For Refusing To Give You A Bite Of His Burrito Is Very Uncool

In today’s society, there’s a reasonable expectation to food rights. And by that I mean, when you buy yourself something tasty to eat, a member of the general public previously unknown to you has no right to expect a bite of your food. Which is why that it’s very bad form to punch a stranger in the head because he won’t share his burrito. [More]

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Watch This Guy Eat Four Chipotle Burritos In Three Minutes

Before you start to feel like all your eating achievements thus far pale in comparison to the feat mentioned in the headline, know that none of your friends are going to think any less of you just because you can only eat two burritos in 30 minutes before passing out on the floor in a pool of your own regret (I know, it’s your personal best). After all, the guy who ate four Chipotle burritos in only three minutes is a professional. [More]

Behold, The Hot Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

Behold, The Hot Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

Have you ever wanted to buy a gas-station burrito, but without the separate steps of interacting with the cashier and placing the burrito in the microwave yourself? Good news! Burritobox is the burrito vending machine of your dreams. [More]


Oh Look, Someone Wants To Deliver Something Else With A Drone (Burritos) Because Drones!

Like some kind of unknown debutante at the ball who ends up dancing with George Clooney at the ball (just go with it), now that Amazon let everyone know that drones are the “it” way to deliver stuff in the future, everyone wants a turn in the spotlight. UPS is looking to dabble into drones as well — so why keep deliveries in boring boxes? [More]


Enjoy That Chipotle Burrito While It’s Cheap(er): Prices Might Be Going Up This Year

If you happen to be in the midst of enjoying a Chipotle burrito with antibiotic-free meat and a dollop or two of sour cream, enjoy it, because it’s not gonna come cheap in the future. Not that Chipotle’s fare is cheap now, compared to standard fast food fare, but that “premium” level of ingredients costs the company a pretty penny and unfortunately, those costs are rising.  [More]