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Buffalo Wild Wings Goes After Fast Casual Competition With 15-Minute Lunch Guarantee

Strapped for time, but craving more than fast food drive-thru fare for lunch? While you once may not have had many options, the rise of fast casual restaurants offer a plethora of choices. Throwing its hat into the speedy lunch crowd is Buffalo Wild Wings, which unveiled a new 15-minute lunch guarantee this week.  [More]

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Health Officials Investigating After At Least 10 Buffalo Wild Wings Customers Become Ill

There are few things better than digging into a basket of wings on Super Bowl Sunday. But recent reports of Buffalo Wild Wings customers becoming ill after dining at a restaurant in Kansas might be enough to cause some wing-lovers to step away from the saucy drumsticks, or at least cause the stock for the chain eatery to tumble.  [More]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Blames Sluggish Sales On NFL Season’s Late Start

Did you notice something different about the first week of September this year — perhaps a noticeable lack of wing sauce covering your fingers? Sports eatery Buffalo Wild Wings wasn’t able to score as much in the third quarter, blaming its lack of customers on the late start to the NFL season.


Buffalo Wild Wings Severs Ties With “League” Star Who Lied About 9/11 Experience

Buffalo Wild Wings Severs Ties With “League” Star Who Lied About 9/11 Experience

Yesterday morning, actor and new Buffalo Wild Wings shill Steve Rannazzisi — best known as Kevin on FXX’s The League admitted to having told terrible untruths about being in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, when terrorists flew commercial jets into the building’s two towers. In the wake of the actor’s confession, BWW said it was “reevaluating our relationship” with Rannazzisi, and now it looks like that relationship has been terminated. [More]

Buffalo Wild Wings May Cut Ties With “League” Star Who Lied About Harrowing 9/11 Experience

Buffalo Wild Wings May Cut Ties With “League” Star Who Lied About Harrowing 9/11 Experience

Another celebrity may be losing his job after admitting he included himself in a real-life tragedy that he had nothing to do with. This time, it’s Steve Rannazzisi — co-star of The League and recently hired TV pitchman for Buffalo Wild Wings — who revealed this morning that he’d lied about his account of being in the World Trade Center when it was struck by a terrorist-piloted plane. [More]

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Church Plans Sunday Services Inside Buffalo Wild Wings

Do you want to go to church on Sundays but feel like the atmosphere isn’t enough like a sports bar? Then you might want to relocate to Birmingham, AL, where on Methodist church is partnering with a local Buffalo Wild Wings to hold Sunday morning services inside the chain eatery. [More]


Buffalo Wild Wings Says It’s Hiking Menu Prices By The End Of November

Tis the season to be chomping away on platters of chicken wings while watching football, but your Sunday sports binges might come with a heftier check soon: Buffalo Wild Wings says it’s increasing the price on menu items by an average of about 3%, as chicken wings are costing restaurants more these days.


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The Thought Of Dorito-Covered Hot Wings Convinces Buffalo Wild Wings To Switch From Coke To Pepsi

Restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is ditching Coca-Cola as its soft drink supplier and switching to Pepsi. But what’s most fascinating about this change is how the folks at PepsiCo convinced BWW to jump ship. [More]

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Unpaid $16 Buffalo Wild Wings Bill Leads To High-Speed Police Chase

While high-speed car chases are great in cop movies, not every real-life crime merits an extended hot pursuit of a perp. For police in Michigan, a $16 dine-and-dash was apparently worth the effort, at least for a short while. [More]

Buffalo Wild Wings Would Rather Lose A Customer Than Make A Subsitution

Buffalo Wild Wings Would Rather Lose A Customer Than Make A Subsitution

Reader Dan begs our pardon for not having a more egregious complaint, but would like to share his irritation at Buffalo Wild Wings refusal to substitute breaded chicken tenders for naked ones. Lest you assume that Dan was asking for something unreasonable, he writes:

Now keep in mind I wasn’t asking them to scrape bread off my tender or invent some new, exotic expensive dish. I was asking them to just toss in the 4 naked tenders they sell on the menu instead of the breaded ones. I think we can see where this is going. The waitress told me they can’t do that. I was dumbfounded because this seemed like such an easy request. I asked her why and she said the cook can’t do substitutions.

Buffalo Wind Wings stood firm. Dan was not allowed to have naked tenders with his combo, forcing him to purchase less food and resulting in less money for Buffalo Wild Wings. Read his entire email inside.