Nobody At Brother USA Knows How To Forward An E-Mail

Fifty years ago, while her husband was in the military and stationed in Japan, Lance’s grandmother bought a lovely Brother sewing machine. She has now handed it down to Lance’s wife. The nice thing is that she still had the manual, but that manual is only in Japanese, since the machine was only sold on the Japanese market. The machine has all kinds of advanced features that Mrs. Lance can’t access, because she can’t read Japanese. Maybe, Lance thought, Brother has the manual available for purchase, or even in digital form.



Brother Sends My Printer On Vacation In Florida, Not Back To Me

Cyndi’s new multifunction inkjet printer malfunctioned just after the 14-day return period was over. Isn’t that always how it ends up? Not by design on the company’s part, of course, but it feels that way when you depend on a printer like Cyndi does. She contacted Brother’s tech support, and ultimately they sent her a refurbished replacement. Yay! Except that they sent it to Orlando, Florida. Cyndi does not live there. How did the printer end up there? No one knows. [More]

Office Max Apologizes, Actually Apologizes, For Snooty Manager

Office Max Apologizes, Actually Apologizes, For Snooty Manager

The condescending store-manager, irked that your request for them to fulfill their contractual agreement has forced them away from a high-scoring session of Snood. Long have consumers suffered under his reign of caprice and indifference. No longer. A weakness has been discovered. The EECB, a modern version of “taking it to the top.” Jim used it and got not only the rare and magnificent personal apology, but a $30 gift card and he was allowed to make the return he wanted to do in the first place. His story follows.

Walmart Rolls Back Price By $1.11

Walmart Rolls Back Price By $1.11

Back in November, Walmart slashed the price on this sewing machine by 13 cents. Now they’ve pulverized it by another $1.11! OH MY GOD WE LOVE YOUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES SO HOT! — BEN POPKEN

Walmart Rolls Back Prices By 13 Cents

Walmart Rolls Back Prices By 13 Cents

Analysts noted that Walmart set the pace this shopping season with four consecutive price point drops. But maybe they should be looking at how much those drops were by…. — BEN POPKEN