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Pew Research Internet Project, Cell Internet Use Study of 2013

The Future Will Not be Televised: Comcast’s Merger Plans are All About Broadband

Comcast and Time Warner Cable are cable companies: they run their wires to little boxes in our living rooms so we can watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones. But even though roughly 100 million Americans subscribe to pay TV, that’s not what the merger between the two companies is about. The future of entertainment is online, and that access is what’s really at stake in the proposed merger deal. [More]

My AT&T DSL Nightmare Began On Friday The 13th

My AT&T DSL Nightmare Began On Friday The 13th

Koji would like to sign up for AT&T DSL. However, some evil force at AT&T doesn’t want him as a customer, and keeps sneaking into the computer system to cancel his account activation and otherwise destroy any hope that he might have of DSL. Why is this happening? No one at AT&T knows. [More]