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Chicken Breeder: Blame Higher Poultry Prices On Fat, Impotent Roosters

As both pork and beef prices continue to see record highs, you might be reaching for chicken instead. But those nuggets may be a bit dearer soon, as the world’s largest chicken breeder says it’s found that an important breed of rooster has a genetic issue that’s seriously mucking up its fertility mojo. [More]

Bull Dog Breeders Raise Prices On Pups

Bull Dog Breeders Raise Prices On Pups

Michael wrote us in about his experience trying to buy an expensive, pure-bred bulldog pup from Sharon and Mitchell Hipsley of Bulldogs of Ft. Mountain. When he approached the breeders for a small male bulldog pup, he was quoted a price of $1650 per pup. But when Michael tried to close the deal, the breeders claimed that they’d been hit by a financial emergency relating to the death of one of the breeder’s mother and so they were only going to be able to sell him the pup for $2500. Michael is wondering what he can do to get the pup at the original price.