Locals Want City To Define How Much Nudity Can Be Served At A Breastaurant

We’ve all got different definitions of nudity — I feel naked without long underwear on at all times! — but in one Texas town, there’s a debate brewing over what exactly is enough coverage for a waitress serving up food at a local breastaurant. Usually the women wear bikini tops, but on one “Anything But Clothes” or ABC night, some customers felt the definition of nudity was pushed back too far. [More]


Texas Chain Has No Time For Entendres, Trademarks The Term “Breastaurant”

If you want a $12 meal, you go to Applebee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s or whathaveyou. But if you want a $12 meal with a side of attractive waitress, there’s a wide array of ogling options. And while Hooters might be the first breastaurant that comes to mind, it doesn’t legally own the term . That honor belongs to a Texas-based chain which just nabbed the federal trademark for “breastaurant.” [More]

"Breastaurants" Growing In Popularity Nationwide

"Breastaurants" Growing In Popularity Nationwide

Eating establishments known as “breastaurants” — which pretty much means exactly what you think it does — are gaining in popularity, as chains with names like Twin Peaks and Tilted Kilt compete with Hooters (which brings in about $1 billion a year in revenue) to offer “a different level of service and attentiveness” to their customers. [More]