Chicken McGriddle Coming To McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu — In Florida

Nearly a year after McDonald’s began slapping a McChicken on its syrup-flavored McGriddle bun in Ohio, the Chicken McGriddle will become the latest all-day breakfast item to grace menus in Florida.  [More]


Nutella’s Makers Want To Convince FDA That Chocolate Spread Isn’t Just For Dessert

When you think of sweet, hazelnut chocolate spread, are you imagining eating it for breakfast or for dessert? If you’re in the latter camp, you agree with the current stance of federal regulators. The makers of Nutella are now trying to make the case, however, that the spread should be considered more of a breakfast item. [More]


Sonic Bringing “Pancake On A Stick” Back Next Spring

Is it too much for you to handle utensils in the morning? Sonic Drive-In thinks it has the answer in the form of a blast from the past: the chain is bringing back its previously popular “Pancake on a Stick” to restaurant menus this fall. [More]


McDonald’s Has All-Day Breakfast To Thank For Beating Earnings Expectations

McDonald’s is probably patting itself on the back right about now: the Golden Arches managed to beat earnings expectations and also achieved solid growth in same-restaurant sales for the most recent quarter. The company says the boost is due in part to its all-day breakfast menu, “McPick” promotions, and its recently revamped chicken nuggets. [More]


Is Taco Bell Testing An All-Day Breakfast Menu?

Have you heard of this crazy idea that breakfast foods can be consumed throughout the day? It’s a concept that has worked out pretty well for McDonald’s — so is Taco Bell was apparently willing to give it a try? [More]


McDonald’s Nationwide All-Day Breakfast Menu Including McGriddles Launches Tomorrow

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass: McDonald’s is launching its nationwide all-day breakfast menu tomorrow, bringing McGriddles and both biscuits and McMuffin sandwiches to about 16,000 locations. [More]

Kellogg’s Recalls Some Eggo Waffles Over Possible Listeria Contamination

Kellogg’s Recalls Some Eggo Waffles Over Possible Listeria Contamination

If you’ve yet to sit down at the table for a morning meal, you might want to make sure it doesn’t include a certain kind of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles. After all, listeria is neither tasty, nor safe to consume.  [More]


Jack In The Box Is Testing “Brunchfast” Menu In Southern California

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass: after filing a trademark application for the term “brunchfast” earlier this summer, Jack in the Box is now testing a new menu with that name in Southern California. [More]

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Here We Go Again: Even More Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Foods

It’s August, and we all know what that means: it’s time for the hot new pumpkin spice products for this fall to hit the aisles and confuse everyone. This year’s hot newcomers are pumpkin spice offerings from cereal companies, with the apparent goal of pumpkin spicing up America’s breakfast tables. [More]


Cereal Sales Are Still Gradually Falling

Sure, there are a few high-end cereal cafés out there, but overall the trend in this country is that Americans are eating less of the stuff. Why? Experts blame more hectic schedules, our aspiration to at least try to eat more protein and less sugar and other carbohydrates, and our just preferring to eat other stuff. [More]


McDonald’s Launching National All-Day Breakfast Menu That Includes McGriddles

Building on the success it’s had so far with its all-day breakfast menu, McDonald’s has announced it will be expanding its offerings in that category with the launch of a new menu that will be available at all Golden Arches locations nationwide. [More]


Jack In The Box Wants To Make ‘Brunchfast’ Happen

What is “brunchfast”? The marketers over at Jack in the Box, the company that recently trademarked the term, could probably tell us, but they aren’t talking. Is it serving typical brunch foods incredibly early in the day? Is it a second breakfast eaten later in the day, but not on the weekend so it would be weird to call it brunch? A fast-food company is trying to invent a new meal, but won’t explain what it is until its marketing campaign launches. [More]

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Subway Giving Out Free Breakfast Sandwiches For The Month Of May — But There’s A Catch

In what seems to be an effort to carve itself a share of the fast food breakfast market, Subway is offering customers a free breakfast sandwich throughout the month of May. Getting that “free” food won’t be as easy as simply holding out your hand and saying “gimme,” however: you’ll either have to be the kind of person who likes to eat sub sandwiches before 9 a.m., or have a refrigerator to stash one until lunchtime, because the Subway deal is a buy-one-get-one situation: customers will get a six-inch savory breakfast sandwich “with the purchase of any of their favorite handcrafted subs” at participating locations. [Subway]


Taco Bell

Taco Bell Launching $1 “Morning Value Menu” In Nationwide Breakfast Expansion

Breakfast: it’s what all the cool kids are offering these days. In order to keep up with the crowd Taco Bell is amping up its breakfast efforts, with a new “Morning Value Menu,” offering most items for $1. [More]


Here’s Where To Get Your National Pancake Day Deals & Freebies

Congratulations, flapjack lovers, today is your day: it’s National Pancake Day, which means restaurants are offering up discounted or free food. But even if flat breakfast fare isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other spots handing out deals and freebies today. [More]

Waffles Are Serious Business, So Which Makers Are The Best?

Waffles Are Serious Business, So Which Makers Are The Best?

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not a breakfast person. I know, that’s crazy. But I married into a breakfast family, and not just plain jane morning meal enthusiasts; we’re talking dedicated waffle fans. The waffle maker sitting in my cupboard is probably the only appliance my husband knows how to use, and finding that machine was a test of patience for yours truly.  [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Has A Plan To Compete With McDonald’s: Pointing Out That It Also Serves Breakfast All Day

Dunkin’ Donuts Has A Plan To Compete With McDonald’s: Pointing Out That It Also Serves Breakfast All Day

In October Dunkin’ Donuts admitted that it was “obviously” paying attention to McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu, but didn’t seem too worried. Three months later, Dunkin’ is revealing how it plans to tackle the competition in the breakfast arena: remind people that Dunkin’ Donuts also serves breakfast all day. [More]

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McDonald’s Partners With Chobani To Test Greek Yogurt Smoothies, Parfaits In Southern California

McDonald’s ongoing effort to simultaneously appear to offer healthier food and attract hungry customers has resulted in a tentative partnership with yogurt maker Chobani.  [More]