Mike Mozart

McDonald’s Serving Aussie Angus ‘N’ Egg Burger To Customers Down Under

Although McDonald’s has made quite a splash with its all-day breakfast here in the U.S., there are some breakfast items the fast food chain has yet to take on. Like the breakfast burger, a staple at any diner worth its salt. McDonald’s is dipping a toe into those waters in Australia, where it’s serving up the Aussie Angus ‘n’ Egg burger. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Morning Talk Show Hosts Will Probably Never Get Sick Of Eating McDonald’s On TV Every Day

Coffee mugs branded with your morning TV show’s logo are so… how shall we put this? Stale. Unsatisfying. The new thing to do, apparently, is open a teeny tiny McDonald’s location in the TV studio so you can feed your guests Egg McMuffins before they go on camera to chat about whatever currently interesting thing is being discussed. [More]

The Reality Of This Red Baron Scramble Is That It Needs A Gallon Of Gravy To Be Edible

There’s nothing quite like it — you walk past the box in the grocery store, and something catches your eye, sets your stomach a-rumbling. It looks so good, so delicious and tempting, you must buy it, own it, and devour it for your very own. But as Dave found out with a Red Baron breakfast scramble, taking off that persuasive packaging often reveals something much less desirable.