Unrelated bratwurst is much shorter. (Coyoty)

Town Completes Its Quest To Successfully Grill A 200-Foot Bratwurst

Remember the town that was preparing to cook 200 feet of unbroken bratwurst by first grilling 100 feet of sausage? Of course you do, how could you forget such a meat feat? You’ll be happy to know, then, that the proud folks of that Illinois town can now say they’ve grilled a 200-foot bratwurst without breaking it. [More]


Town Successfully Grills 100-Foot Of Unbroken Bratwurst In Preparation For 200-Foot Attempt

When I read that a bar in southwestern Illinois had successfully grilled 100 feet of bratwurst without breaking it, visions of meat danced in front of my eyes and I couldn’t believe it. A hundred whole feet! But then I read on and the wonders increased: The 100-foot attempt was just practice for a 200-foot bratwurst to be grilled up later to celebrate the town’s 200th anniversary. And yes, there will be a 200-foot bun. [More]