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Brach’s Introduces Easter Chick Shaped Candy Corn For Some Reason

Fear not, candy fans: Brach’s is now able to fill in the bleak waiting time between Valentine’s Day candy corn and Independence Day candy corn with Easter candy corn. Except they’re not “corn,” they’re candy corn chicks. We live in a world where this kind of thing is acceptable. [More]

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Conversation Heart Jelly Beans Exist, Are Not Heart-Shaped

Every major holiday in the United States seems to have its own candy, which used to disappear from stores once that candy’s holiday was over. There are conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day, jelly beans and creme eggs for Easter, candy corn for Halloween, and candy canes for Christmas. Then the world went completely mad. [More]

12-Year-Old Finds Unexpectedly Racy Valentine's Conversation

12-Year-Old Finds Unexpectedly Racy Valentine's Conversation Heart

As a literal-minded, sugar-crazed child, near Valentine’s Day I always wondered whether you could have an entire conversation with conversation hearts, the chalky seasonal candy. (You really can’t.) A 12-year-old California girl says that she recently found an unexpected dirty message in her bag of candy hearts, and her parents notified a local TV station just in case it might happen to other families, too.